Argentine Officials Used A "Band Of Brothers" Image To Mark The Falklands War

Why not just use a photo of some real soldiers?

On April 2, several government posters showing three soldiers arm-in-arm were plastered around the streets of the Argentine city San Miguel de Tucumán, in Tucumán province, to mark the anniversary of the Falklands War.

"Veteran's day and of those who were victims of the Malvinas (Falklands) war. Argentine pride, example of people who gave their lives for their homeland," the poster says.

One small problem, though... The poster doesn't actually show Argentine soldiers, but rather three actors from Band of Brothers. And it's one of the most iconic images from the television series, which was produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

The poster, which has now gone viral, sparked criticism, sadness, and jokes over the fact the officials chose a fictional image rather than authentic photos of real soldiers who fought in the war.

Triste "Homenaje"a los caídos en Malvinas de parte de la Municipalidad que uso una imagen de una serie Norteamericana

Translation: Sad "tribute" to the victims of the Malvinas war by the municipality who used an image from an American series.

Los afiches de las Malvinas de la Mun. de Tucumán con imágenes de soldados americanos de ficción es francamente INMORAL e IMPERDONABLE!

Translation: The ads of Malvinas from Tucumán's municipality with a fictional image by the US soldiers is frankly IMMORAL and UNFORGIVABLE!

Others simply laughed at the mistake.

El gobierno de tucuman puso un afiche x malvinas con 3 soldados y eran de la serie BAND OF BROTHERS de spielberg del 2001 jajaja

Translation: Tucumán's government launched a poster about Malvinas with 3 soldiers and they were from the TV series BAND OF BROTHERS from Spielberg from 2001 hahaha

The image circulated so much that it was also used by mistake on other tributes on social media.

@JoseInesta Es increíble lo que circuló hoy esa imagen... no fue solo la Muni de Tucumán.

Translation: @Joselnesta It's amazing what today circulated with this image... it wasn't only Tucumán's municipality.

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