Parts Of The Internet Stopped Working So People Flocked To Twitter To Joke About It

"More like interNOT, amirite?"

As most of us in an unhealthy relationship with the internet are aware, this morning several major websites went down, including Amazon, Reddit, and the UK government. It even got BuzzFeed.

The glitch has been attributed to an issue with internet content delivery network Fastly, which said on its website that the company had identified and fixed the issue.

Through the outage, one site that managed to remain standing was Twitter, where people were full of commentary as events unfolded.

Regular internet users heading to Twitter while half the internet is down

Twitter: @JimMFelton

First, there was panic.

Internet is down. huge web outage going on right now. Reddit is Down Twitch is Down Amazon is Down. and many others. It’s TIME TO PANIC

Twitter: @ShivamChatak

twitter right now #internetDown

Twitter: @eduWHO


Twitter: @CCakeroll
Twitter: @eds_afterglow

Then came the blame game.

Has Piers blamed Meghan yet? #InternetDown

Twitter: @Otto_English

Must've been what happened #Redditdown #internetdown

Twitter: @josephklyne

Me on my first day at #Fastly: What does this button do? The internet:

Twitter: @MarktheBlogger1

Some poor soul at Fastly right now... #hugops

Twitter: @pablisc0

Developers at @fastly right now 👨‍💻 #fastly #internetdown #InternetShutdown

Twitter: @RuttlApp

Just waiting on this guy to find the solution to the internet going down… #CyberAttack

Twitter: @TweeterHonorary

The moment felt like a chance to heal and reconnect — have important conversations, potentially go outside and smell the fresh air.

Half the internet is down, nature is healing itself 🌱

Twitter: @mabintou

Maybe the internet is also experiencing burnout? We should all probably come off it and allow it to do some self-care.

Twitter: @SincerelyAde

With the internet being down guess it’s time to go outside

Twitter: @pl0000pl

The internet being down means I'm contractually obligated to post this

Twitter: @DiscipleOfBrad

Or just stay on Twitter and enjoy the commentary.

Twitter surviving the internet apocalypse

Twitter: @NotAgainBen

Some people insisted on working around the outage, which had its own outcomes.

the verge is down bc The Internet is broke so theyre updating via google docs but forgot to disable editing

Twitter: @earth2tyler

.@verge did NOT think this through #internetdown

Twitter: @JhinukSen

Books would NEVER.

Do you know what never gets Error 503 Service Unavailable messages? That's right, BOOKS.

Twitter: @BloomsburyBooks


More like interNOT, amirite? #internetdown

Twitter: @pez_sez

It was fun while it lasted! Now, back to doomscrolling.

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