Snapchat's Spectacles Are Overhyped — But Amazing

I waited for five hours to buy Snapchat's $129 camera glasses. I don't regret it.

The earliest people to get in line for @Spectacles is 4am. That's some dedication.

The current line for @Spectacles right now. Shot on a Mavic Pro. #thehypeisreal

Total time waiting in the @Spectacles NYC line was 9 hours 45 minutes.

New Yorkers like me have it (relatively) easy: Just go to Snapchat’s pop-up shop on 59th Street and Fifth Ave, though you may have to wait in the cold for 10 hours. The line has spilled into the subway, and attracted travelers from halfway around the world.

After five long hours, I finally got my hands on a pair.

The Spectacles' battery life is terrible, but Snapchat has a good solution for it.

The Final Word


Users can stop recording with the Spectacles at any time and the article has been edited to reflect this. The article previously stated that videos had to be captured in 10-second increments and that recording could not be stopped once it has started.