Are Your Debt Payments On Hold? What Do You Plan To Do?

If you put your mortgage, student loan, auto loan, credit card, or other debt payment on hold during the coronavirus pandemic, BuzzFeed News would like to hear from you.

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As local lockdown orders roll out again due to the spike in coronavirus cases around the country, relief seems farther away for the millions of Americans who have been dealing with financial fallout from the ongoing pandemic.

There were 10.7 million unemployed people in November, with Black and Latino workers experiencing higher rates of joblessness. Debt relief laws and programs have postponed immediate catastrophe, but alone they do not offer a lasting solution for people who have lost income, especially as the deadlines to start paying these debts again creep up.

If you have put any of your debts on hold — mortgage, student loan, auto loan, credit card, or other debt payments — during the coronavirus pandemic, we’d like to hear from you. What options have your lenders offered? What do you plan to do when payments are due again? Please fill out this form; we may contact you to be featured in a future BuzzFeed News story.

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