This Is What Lin-Manuel Miranda Said To Kanye When He Saw "Hamilton"

The writer and star of the hit Broadway play stopped by BuzzFeed's Another Round podcast to dish on his childhood, Hamilton — and Kimye!

So by now, you've definitely heard of the hit Broadway play Hamilton.

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If you haven't, you're probably living on Mars, which is kind of cool, but you should get back down here because Hamilton is waaaay cooler.

And if you've heard of Hamilton, you've definitely heard of this guy.

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This is Lin-Manuel Miranda, writer and star of Hamilton and the other hit Broadway play In The Heights. He's also one of those fancy pants MacArthur genius folks.

He recently sat down with BuzzFeed's own Heben and Tracy from the podcast Another Round With Heben and Tracy!

Jared Harrell / BuzzFeed

And judging by this picture, they're also planning on starting a late-'90s rap group!

While chatting with our fearless co-hosts, Lin-Manuel told an amazing story of the night Kanye West came to see the play with Kim in tow.

Write day and night like you're running out of time. Gnight!

Lin-Manuel was on stage Hamiltoning it up when he looked out and saw Kim and Kanye.

Jared Harrell / BuzzFeed
Jared Harrell / BuzzFeed

They locked eyes, and Lin-Manuel did not throw away his shot (ha) to let Kanye know that he knew he was there.

Mike Hinson / BuzzFeed
Jared Harrell / BuzzFeed

At intermission, Kimye went backstage to hit the bathrooms, and that's when Lin-Manuel said to Kanye:

Mike Hinson / BuzzFeed
Mike Hinson / BuzzFeed

To find out what Kim said, check out the full video below!

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And to hear this interview and tons of awesome interviews just like it, check out BuzzFeed's Another Round With Heben and Tracy!