8 Reasons Olitz Is Kind Of The Worst Ever

Yes, Fitz and Olivia are super sexy on Scandal, but come on.

First, let's get the obvious out of the way: Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant are devastatingly attractive people.

Sometimes the two of them are super duper cute.

They also have amazing chemistry.

That said, the Olivia-Fitz union, popularly called Olitz, is kind of a horrible thing.

It had to be said. Here's why:

1. Fitz is the opposite of a good person.

2. As far as Olivia knows, the man she wants to marry murdered her mother.

3. Olivia is a wishy washy mess held together by great sounding, fast-talking speeches.

4. Their relationship is waaaaaay unhealthy.

5. Speaking of Jake, he's a MUCH better choice.

6. The Olitz back-and-forth is sooooo boring now.

7. The ridiculousness is spreading beyond the show with "Terry."

8. It really is time for Mellie to get her propers.

In conclusion, #BanOlitz.

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