"SNL" Did The Pepsi Ad From The Director's Point Of View And It Was Brutal

"Don't even touch it."

Earlier this week, Pepsi handed us an ad — starring Kendall Jenner — so disastrously tone-deaf that it managed to unify pretty much everyone in disbelief.

People wanted to know: How the hell did this happen?

If Pepsi had one black person on the ad staff. "So then she takes off the wig and gives a Pepsi to the police offi… https://t.co/13EnFjbpgQ

SNL's Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney had "answers."

Beckett played the director of the ad in the skit. The whole thing is from his perspective and his side of a series of phone conversations. First he took a phone call from his sister, Carrie, but he couldn't talk long because they were moments from shooting.

"Isn't that, like, the best ad ever?"

And then: SILENCE.

We hear only his side of the conversation:


"Sort of tone-deaf?"

"I think maybe you just kind of don't get it," he says. He asks her to put someone named Doug on the phone. And while he's giving his friend the pitch, he stops the director dead in his tracks.

Eventually he asks for someone to "put a neighbor on the phone, a black one?"

"Hi, ma'am. Hey, we're shooting a little Pepsi commercial over here. I want to run it by you, and get your opinion on it. Okay, great. So, the whole thing is sort of an homage to the Black Lives Matter move— Don't even touch it? It would be insane to touch it, right? Okay. Don't even show police?"

"I stop the police from shooting people by handing them a Pepsi. I know, it's cute, right?"

Watch the whole skit here:

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