The West Coast Was Hot AF This Thanksgiving And This Is How People Dealt

"The move will be cold sushi."

I know how you think of Thanksgiving. A day to bundle up and watch some parade and then go home to a warm, cozy house to avoid all the cooking and do all the eating with your new sweater.

But it's a lie!

It's hot AF on the southern part of the West Coast right now!

Hottest Thanksgiving on record for Downtown Los Angeles. So far the high temperature of 91 has surpassed the all t…

It caused much anguish.

It screwed everything up, like what to wear.

As someone who loves hot weather, even I’m extremely annoyed that I have to wear shorts on thanksgiving.

When it’s hot for thanksgiving but can’t find anything nice to wear that’s not a sweater or long sleeves

It added another thing for people to argue about over the dinner table, global warming, which everyone is always toally reasonable about. Trump who??

It's fuckin thanksgiving and our weather is in the 90s, if this doesn't alarm you we'll hot damn…

The people already passive aggressive because they got stuck cooking and now even MORE passive aggressive.

I’ve been slaving over a hot stove all day and it has the nerve to be over 90 degrees outside. 😠 #thanksgiving…

And that plan where you bring a store-bought desert to placate them has gone south.

Hot thanksgiving claimed its first victim. The @seescandies melted!

The smart ones called audibles.

Too hot to use the oven... 92 degrees in Covina, feels more like the 4th of July than Thanksgiving... fuck it, I'm…

It’s too hot for a traditional thanksgiving food the move will be cold sushi

And a lot of other people found new things to be thankful for this time of the year

I’m thankful for ac on this hot ass thanksgiving

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