The World Is On Fire And Donald Trump Can't Stop Talking About His Golf Course

"My properties, number one I have the best properties. OK? You can say that."

The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, essentially restructuring the way we think about the world. It caused Prime Minister David Cameron to resign, it brought global financial markets to heel, and it drove Lindsay Lohan to a tweet storm.

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, ~happened to be in Scotland~ to herald the reopening of his golf course in Turnberry the day after the vote was held. While Trump addressed Brexit, he really, really spent a lot of time talking about his course.

Here are some of his quotes from Friday:

On the lighthouse at Turnberry: "We've taken the lighthouse which is a very, very important building in Florida, I mean in Scotland, and we've taken that building and made it something really special."

On what's inside the lighthouse: "I don't know if you'll get the chance, if you do, you should try to get to see the suites, because they are two of the most beautiful suites you'll ever see and when the water's rough — today, it's very calm. In fact, I've almost never seen it like this, but sometimes you have waves that are literally crashing on to this piece of land that we're standing on."

On the upgrades to Turnberry: "Brand new sprinkler system, the highest level."

Something something bunch of numbers: "Many of the holes have been jiggered...the whole 9, 10, and 11, and 4 have been changed and moved out into the ocean. This hole is an example. From approximately this area, you would hit over there. This was a par 4. ... Now you're hitting out over the ocean. And just to the right of the lighthouse you have a green, and a lot of people think this would be the greatest par 3 anywhere in the world. And then 10 becomes a par 5."

More on the holes: "We have the number 11, which is a spectacular hole. Also a par 3. Built right on the cliffs, and that hole was moved about 200 yards to the left, and Tom Watson [a pro golfer] saw me and he won the British Open many times, Peter, right? Many times. And he said, '5.' He said, 'What a change.'"

On the hotel: "It was gutted down to the steel. I really think it's going to be one of the great hotels of the world. It already was but in somewhat dilapidated shape."

On the lighthouse AGAIN: "It is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in all of golf...when you're on the 18th hole and you're looking down the fairway and you're looking at that building it's considered one of the great beautiful and historic sites in all of golf."

On the "single greatest tournament in the history of golf," which was held at Turnberry: "It was just birdie, birdie, birdie."

"We've had amazing winners at Turnberry."

No one is complaining about this hotel, NO ONE: "We've had very few complaints, we've had almost no complaints. Usually when a hotel opens you have drains that aren't connected and pipes that aren't connected and water spewing through the roof and all sorts of things."

"The hotel is built to the absolute highest standards of luxury. And the course to the absolute highest standards, of tournament golf. And I think there will be nothing like it."

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