14 Things Besides Facebook With A Billion Users

A billion people are on Facebook. That puts it right up there with television, chocolate and Mandarin Chinese.

Facebook announced its billionth user today. That's a lot of people! It's nearly half the people with internet access, and 15% of all the people that are alive at all. More people use Facebook than own dogs, or watch the Super Bowl.

To help you further comprehend the sheer scale of giga-Facebook, here's a few other things with a billion users.

1. Television

1.4 billion households have TV, per the most recent count.

2. Cars

We reached a billion total cars last summer.

3. Smartphones

We've sold about a billion smartphones. About a quarter of them were iPhones.

4. Africa

1,022,234,000 people lived in Africa as of 2009.

5. Mandarin Chinese

English isn't even close.

6. Microsoft Office

Every second, someone buys a copy of MS Office 2010.

7. Chocolate

Every day, a billion people eat chocolate.

8. Animal Flu

Zoonautic diseases (bird flu, pig flu, etc.) have infected 2.2 billion people worldwide.

9. Hunger

According to Oxfam, a billion people currently go hungry across the world.

10. Fish

One billion people are dependent on fish as a principal source of protein.

11. Catholicism

12. The Olympics

A billion people watched the London Olympics' Opening Ceremony.

13. Cigarettes

The World Health Organization counts a billion smokers.

14. Death

Roughly 100 billion people have died over the course of human history. Facebook isn't there yet, but they're on their way.

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