This Tiny "Alien" Skeleton Is A Mummified Human, Solving A 15-Year Mystery

First discovered in 2003, this tiny skeleton — only six inches long — has been speculated to be a mummified fetus, the remains of a human child with dwarfism, a monkey, or even, ahem, an alien.

The remains of a tiny, mummified, humanlike skeleton were found in Chile about 15 years ago.

People had a lot of thoughts about what it might be.

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No one was exactly sure how old it was — or what it was. Researchers thought it might be a monkey, or a human fetus with genetic mutations, or a preterm infant with birth defects, or maybe even a child with a previously unrecognized form of dwarfism.

The so-called Atacama Humanoid was the subject of a 2013 UFO documentary called Sirius, which referred to it as a tiny ET, and discussed "the discovery of an alleged humanoid body whose DNA has been sequenced and found to be of an “unknown classification." You can watch it on YouTube.

A 2013 study determined that it was definitely of human origin, female, and no more than a few decades old.

Now a new analysis of the entire genome provides much more information about the skeleton.

So, you can still believe in aliens — just don't point to this skeleton as evidence that they exist.

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