This Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser Is The Best For Removing Dead Skin

Amore Pacific's powder-to-foam cleanser is infused with enzymes to brighten skin, unclog pores, and address texture — all without any irritation.

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My nearly five-year relationship with Amore Pacific’s best-selling product, Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder, actually began when I received an unexpected free sample. The name alone caused me hesitation. A peel? With enzymes? My highly sensitive skin, which is already prone to severe redness and irritation, shuddered at the thought. But the sales associate insisted that this was a gentler approach to exfoliation that was non-abrasive yet effective and filled with sensitive skin-friendly ingredients.

Bottle of Amore Pacific Cleansing Powder

After first use, I immediately noticed my skin was softer, looked brighter and felt incredibly clean, without that uncomfortable tightness you can get from some cleansers. Since then, I have incorporated this foam-to-powder treatment into my skin care regimen about three times a week and it has successfully targeted pore congestion along my T-zone and helped to smooth uneven, dull and rough skin texture –– without any itching, redness or dryness in sight.

You can buy Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder from Amazon for $68.

This is likely due to the fact that the cleanser uses probiotic-derived enzymes from green tea, instead of any harsh physical exfoliants or scrubs, to lift away dead skin cells. Antioxidant-rich green tea is a natural source of vitamin E, which can actually work to strengthen skin barrier function, reduce irritation and offer a whole host of other skin benefits when applied topically. This treatment has also been formulated with hyaluronic acid, a highly popular ingredient for boosting hydration.

I should also mention that I have struggled with a skin type called keratosis pilaris (also known as KP) for my entire life. This results in stubborn red bumps that run along my cheeks and jawline, so, whenever I find a product that can actually help reduce the look and feel of KP, I will happily place it on my bathroom shelf for good, even if means spending a little extra to keep it there.

And trust me, at $68 a pop, the price of this definitely gave me pause. However, I found that one full-sized bottle easily lasts me eight to nine months.

To use, just pour a dime-sized amount of powder into your palm then add a few drops of water to transform it into a lightly scented foam that you work into your skin with your fingers. The directions say that you can use this as your first or second cleanser; I prefer to use it after I have already washed my face with a cream cleanser at night, or in the morning to better prep my skin for my daytime skin care products.

Amore Pacific is luxury Korean brand dedicated to utilizing the benefits of specially harvested green tea and other botanicals in its skin care. In my opinion, this treatment powder is a great introductory standout among the brand’s extensive lineup of serums, creams and essences, and the following reviewers agree. If you don’t need more convincing, however, scroll back up to get yourself a bottle.

Promising reviews from Amazon:

“This cleanser is so gentle but strips every bit of dead skin off my face without making redness or irritation. I have the the most sensitive skin ever, and this stuff works. It’s a yellow powder that you add water to in your hands to create a soapy lather. You then put it on your face, rub it in in circles, then rinse. It smells wonderful but must be hypoallergenic because I am allergic to most scents and it doesn’t bother me. It smells wonderful!” –– Jennifer

″My face felt smoother then I would have believe believed possible, without some kind of chemical treatment. I can’t say enough great things about this product. I have had no negative effects, just super smooth and great feeling skin. It takes a very small amount of powder per use so I anticipate this bottle will last me quite some time. I hesitated at the initial cost but it will be well worth it, considering how long it will last. So happy I received this as a sample, otherwise I never would have known!” –– Tyler Thario

“It only takes a tiny bit of this powder to make up plenty cleanser. It dissolves pretty instantly and has a light foamy lather. What I was surprised by is how smooth my skin feels after using it. It exfoliates extremely well, even though there is no grittiness whatsoever after it is activated with water. I go much longer between use of face scrub since using this cleanser because it exfoliates so well. There is no irritation or dryness either, even with using tretinoin right after or an overnight peel. Pretty good stuff.” –– MyPenName

“Works great for combination-type skin. I also have a health condition and hormonal imbalance that cause excess sebum on most of my T-zone. So I’m constantly trying to keep breakouts in check (both regular and cystic) and also dealing with minimizing the look of my larger pores and blackheads. Using this gives a deep clean feel and leaves it feeling supple and more even. When I first started using it, I had a spot where a cystic blemish was healing and had some peeling skin around it. This actually helped to gently exfoliate that area and make it much more smooth. The powder is fine so it dissolves easily into a somewhat foamy lather. It smells so nice. Easily a favorite.” –– This is me

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