Pornhub’s Most-Viewed Amateurs Of 2022 Are A “Very Horny” Married Couple

“I think that’s why we rose to the top — because everything looks so real,” performer Yinyleon said about scenes with her husband.

Adult performers Yiny and Leon

There are thousands of verified amateur performers on Pornhub catering to all manner of kinks, from foot fetishes to pegging and beyond. So, understandably, it’s hard to stand out. But the 38-year-old Puerto Rican–born performer who goes by Yinyleon — a portmanteau of her real-life nickname, Yiny, and that of her 42-year-old husband and costar — appears to have cracked the code.

In the nearly four years the Texas-based Yiny and Leon have been at it, they have posted around 250 videos to Pornhub, amassing more than 1.2 billion views. Last week, Yinyleon was named Pornhub’s most-viewed amateur model of the year for the second year running, outranking significantly younger performers Angel, Sweetie Fox, and DickForLily.

A large part of their success, Yiny and Leon said, is that even after nearly 20 years together, the two still have an insatiable desire for each other, one that comes across in their rough but sweet scenes. “As we say in Puerto Rico, we're muy bellacos” — very horny — “always, all our lives," Yiny explained via Zoom, sitting on her terrace alongside Leon.

Yiny and Leon, both of whom spoke Spanish with BuzzFeed News, ventured into the adult industry after watching a YouTube video of another Puerto Rican couple explaining how they found success making amateur pornography. "We were always very sexual, and we said, 'Let's do porn,'" Yiny recalled.

Within their first month on Pornhub, Yiny and Leon had made more than $2,000. Today, they live almost entirely from their earnings from the site, making between $15,000 to $25,000 a month. "I was in the military for 13 years, but I left because what I made in the Army in a year, here I make in a month and a half, two months,” Leon said. “It’s ridiculous.” It's also more money than Yiny, who used to work as a UPS driver, has ever made. (The couple asked that BuzzFeed News not share certain aspects of their personal life for privacy reasons.)

Leon noted that though every video they’ve uploaded to Pornhub features them as a duo, the real draw is his wife, who has 1500 cc silicone implants (cup size 32HHH) and a large rear end. He doesn’t show his face much in the videos. “Fans see us as ‘the girl who does Pornhub with her husband,’” he said.

The money involved, Yiny said, is “like an addiction.” She revealed that Pornhub pays her and her husband between 70 and 80 cents per thousand views, and they get a 15% bonus for uploading four or more videos a month. The site also holds themed contests to see who can rack up the most views, with a cash prize of $3,000 and the chance to get a coveted spot on Pornhub’s front page. This month’s contest called for a Christmas-themed video. Yinyleon's submission, "Magical Big Tits Elf Gets Her Ass Torn Apart Before the Beautiful Christmas,​​” currently has 265,000 views.

Yinyleon also has an account on OnlyFans, where customers pay $9.99 per month for exclusive content, including clips in which Yiny will rate fans’ dicks and previews of videos before they hit Pornhub. In addition, she has 1.5 million followers on Instagram (more than 90% of them male) and more than 660,000 followers on Twitter. "Pornhub moves everything,” Leon said. “When a video is featured on the main page, that video reaches millions. Millions of people are seeing your Instagram and your Twitter handles.”

Over time, Leon said, he has learned how to light shots properly, lending to the videos’ appeal. “I don’t consider myself a porn star,” he said. “It's never going to be my intention to try to look professional or anything. But thank god people say, 'Wow, what great production you guys have.' Really, it’s just us with a cellphone.”

But what really makes Yiny and Leon stand out, the couple said, are their outdoor videos, which feature them having sex midrun or during a hike. "I think that’s why we rose to the top — because everything looks so real,” Yiny said, adding that in other videos on Pornhub “the ladies are so comfy on the grass, while we're on top of rocks, trees…anywhere." (According to Pornhub’s 2022 Year in Review, the “outdoor” category grew by 121% this year, while searches for “real amateur homemade” went up 179% worldwide and 310% in the US.)

Besides the adventuresome outdoor shoots, the couple also engage in classic porn tropes: the naughty maid, the girl caught pleasuring herself by her stepdad, the nun who experiences sex for the first time. “I fully got into the mindset of being sucked off by a nun," Leon recalled. "I told her, 'Yiny, I'm going to come!' It hadn't even been two minutes, and I needed to stop. It was crazy.​​"

Yiny and Leon typically film two to three times a week, spending the rest of their time enjoying activities like hiking, weightlifting, and going out to eat. Leon shared that the couple had had sex eight times in the last five days — five for content, three strictly for pleasure.

But having such passion for each other also has its downsides. "Today, the milk almost didn't come out,” Leon said, laughing. “I am dry!"

"And he's always proud of his cumshot!" Yiny added.

Assuming Leon can keep the “milk” coming, how does the couple plan to defend its title as the most-viewed amateurs? "We want to try trios for 2023," Yiny said. "We've never done girl–girl videos before. We'll definitely make it happen."

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