We Blew Up A Watermelon And Everyone Lost Their Freaking Minds

"the watermelon...is us."

At one point on an ordinary Friday, more than 800,000 people were watching two BuzzFeed employees trying to make a watermelon explode with rubber bands.

Facebook: video.php

In fact, according to Facebook, more people tuned in to watch it live than any other live video. At the peak of its 45-minute runtime, 807,000 viewers were watching at the same time. (BuzzFeed is among a group of Facebook Live paid media partners.)

Some people questioned their life choices.

Help why am I in a bar watching buzzfeed trying to explode a watermelon

Adults forgot to adult.

Many experienced watermelon-induced anxiety.

Tbh this watermelon video is giving me more anxiety than going to parties

Testing my anxiety threshold watching @BuzzFeed try and pop a watermelon with hundreds of rubber bands via live video. #IMNOTOKAY

It took 686 rubber bands, blood, sweat, and tears to finally get the watermelon to burst.


It was a beautiful moment.

And the internet was obsessed.

that was the best watermelon related content since that rugrats episode about the seeds

Pulitzers announced April 18. #watermelon

#watermelon began trending in the country.

when you are forced to Twitter-search "watermelon"

People offered hot takes on #watermelon.

New post on @Medium: Why 2016 is the Watermelon Election

Are we a stronger America because of @BuzzFeed's #watermelon blow-up? Think pieces to come.

Now that Buzzfeed has set the bar I'm really looking forward to the Washington Post setting a live alligator loose in the newsroom

Where were you when BuzzFeed exploded a watermelon?

The year is 2030 and my son asks "Daddy where were you when @BuzzFeed exploded a watermelon with rubber bands as 700,000 people watched on?"

Memes were made.

History was created.

The 2 llamas, Old Spice Guy, and that old Mad Men cartoon avatar generator nod approvingly. "Welcome, watermelon. You're home."

800,000 people watched this momentous occasion. 315,000 commented on the Facebook live video.

800,000 people just watched a watermelon explosion. I'm not going to lie - I was one of them. #WATERMELONEXPLOSION 😂

Except this guy.

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