Trump Criticizes Anti-LGBT Law, Says Caitlyn Jenner Can Use Whichever Bathroom She Wants

Trump came out strongly against the North Carolina law that bans transgender people from certain restrooms.

Donald Trump came out strongly against North Carolina's anti-LGBT law Thursday, telling the Today show that he would have left things as they were in the state.

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At a town hall meeting in New York, Trump responded to a Twitter user who asked him his views on the law, which overrides local LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances in the state and bans transgender people from using certain restrooms.

"North Carolina did something that was very strong, and they're paying a big price and there's a lot of problems," Trump said, reiterating that he would have left things the way they were before the legislation was passed.

He said the state was going through "strife" with all of the businesses leaving. "You leave it the way it is. There have been very few complaints the way it is," he said.

The law has sparked protests and corporate backlash against the state with several businesses, as well as high-profile performers such as Bruce Springsteen, refusing to work in North Carolina.

"People go, they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate," Trump said. "There has been so little trouble, and the problem with what happened in North Carolina is the strife and the economic punishment they're taking."

When Today host Matt Lauer asked Trump if he had any transgender employees, Trump responded, "I don't know. I really don't know. I probably do."

Trump said that if Caitlyn Jenner walked into Trump Tower, she could use any bathroom she chooses.

If @Caitlyn_Jenner walked into Trump Tower, what bathroom would @RealDonaldTrump suggest she use? #TrumpTODAY

Trump added, "You know, there's a big move to create new bathrooms. Problem with that — for transgender — first of all I think that would be discriminatory in a certain way; it would be unbelievably expensive for businesses and for the country. Leave it the way it is."

Last week, Ted Cruz supported North Carolina's anti-LGBT legislation, calling it "perfectly reasonable."

"As the father of daughters, I'm not terribly excited about men being able to go alone into a bathroom with my daughters," Cruz told Meet the Press host Chuck Todd at a town hall meeting in New York. "And I think that's a perfectly reasonable determination for the people to make."

Earlier this month, John Kasich said he would have "probably not" signed the anti-LGBT law.

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