There Are Now Emoji Masks So You Can Express Your Emotions IRL

Ordering the poop emoji mask as I type this.

Halloween just got a whole lot weirder/cooler...

Because you can now wear an emoji ON YOUR ACTUAL FACE.

The emoji masks are a product of Need/Want, a St. Louis-based company. They're "perfect for pictures," the founders wrote on their website.

Introducing<img src=""> A fun Halloween side project from @Jon and @Marshal. Check it out!

You can use your emoji masks for a number of Halloween/everyday costumes.

You can go as Perpetually Happy Guy.

Or you can be Shit-Faced Person/Party Pooper.

You and your partner can dress as That Annoying Couple.

You could even be Shit In Your Pants Man.

Or as Whatever Is Happening Here.

The emoji masks, including grinning face, heart eyes, sly face, smiling face and poop face, are $5 each at

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