People Are Goddamn Fed Up With Clinton's Campaign Anthem, "Fight Song"

"If I never hear 'Fight Song' again, it will be too soon."

If you've been following the 2016 elections, there's a very good chance you've heard Rachel Platten's "Fight Song," which has played frequently at Hillary Clinton's rallies.

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You might have heard it every night of the Democratic National Convention.

This is my fight song / we bought the rights song / hear this each night song

In fact, the Clinton campaign likes the song so much that a bunch of celebrities got together to create an a cappella version for the DNC.

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"Wellll, look. This is my, uhh, fight song." "I hear you. I'm listening."

And people are like, "ENOUGH."

Nobody ever asked for an a cappella rendition of "Fight Song." Nobody. Ever.

They are goddamn fed up of hearing it over and over and over again.


Like really, realllllllyyyy fed up.

If I hear “Fight Song” one more time I’m going to go on a seven-state killing spree. No jury would convict me.

If I never hear “Fight Song” again, it will be too soon.

Many are willing to go to extremes to never hear "Fight Song" again.

i would rather live without music than have fight song as the only option

Listen how much I got to donate so I don't have to hear fight song again? #DemsInPhilly #DNCinPHL

It is triggering violent thoughts in some people.

the thing about "fight song" is that it actually makes me want prove i'm not alright by smashing everything in sight.

Others are more sympathetic to those who have to constantly endure it.

I'm voting for @HillaryClinton because I feel bad for her for having to hear Fight Song this many times

How many times have these delegates had to sit through Fight Song?

People are basically starting to hate "Fight Song."

I once lived with a DJ and he spent four consecutive days sampling Dueling Banjos non-stop. I hate Fight Song more.

They are ready for the elections to be over just to never have to hear it again.

No matter your political beliefs I think we're all ready for the election to be over so we never have to hear Fight Song again


People need medical help.

If Hillary Clinton is elected I hope she'll sign an executive order to fund treatment for those who cannot get Fight Song out of our heads

They're praying for this to stop.

"Are you there, God? It's me, Hillary. Can we never hear Fight Song again, please?"

RT if you'd be perfectly ok with never hearing Fight Song again

"Literally anything else" will do.

.@HillaryClinton songs you should play instead of "Fight Song" tonight: - Flawless Remix - Ignition Remix - Toxic - literally anything else

"Fight Song," delete your account.

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