This Guy Feeding Another Guy A Chip Behind Donald Trump Is A Thing Of Beauty

"Makes Snacks Great Again."

On Saturday, Donald Trump held a rally in Orlando.

Brynn Anderson / AP

There was the usual talk of waterboarding, "nasty Little Marco," and "lying Ted Cruz." A man dressed up as Trump's wall with Mexico and a whole bunch of protesters were whisked away. Standard.

And then this happened: A guy lovingly fed another guy a chip right behind Trump.

Look at the ease at which he sidles the chip into his waiting mouth.

It was beautiful to watch.

Donald Trump upstaged by two guys and a potato chip

Some people had questions about this.

Fan fiction was written.

@allisonkilkenny I'm imagining them as stone cold operatives about to assassinate Trump- who are also adorably in love

Glorious puns were made.

That'll surely cause a dip in his approval. RT @Yair_Rosenberg: Donald Trump upstaged by two guys and a potato chip

The jokes were...crisp.

@allisonkilkenny Cheez-it communion at the church of trump.

These two men ignited political...flavor.

@allisonkilkenny @Nero Make Snacks Great Again

They even took selfies together.

Nacho average Trump bros.

Here's the full video:

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Chip feeding begins at 9:03.