How The Internet Reacted To Trevor Noah As "The Daily Show's" New Host


Trevor Noah is replacing Jon Stewart as the new host of The Daily Show, Comedy Central announced Monday.

.@Trevornoah Is The New Host Of “The Daily Show”

And several people's first response was:

Who?? "@nytimes: Trevor Noah to Succeed Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show’"

who RT @jeneps: Your new Daily Show host is Trevor Noah

*Googles: 'Who the hell is Trevor Noah?' ...*

Yes! Trevor Noah is gonna be the new Daily Show host! Woo hoooo! Black peopleeeeeee!!! *googles who Trevor Noah is*

Comedy Central announces Jon Stewart's replacement at The Daily Show: Trevor Noah. Wait, who?

Have no idea who Trevor Noah is because for the last year I've just been pretending to watch the Daily Show clips people send me.

Mr Media Training accurately predicted the media's response to this announcement.

First question most people will ask: Who?!? RT @jeneps: Your new Daily Show host is Trevor Noah

And even though many felt lost and confused...

Between this Trevor Noah guy taking over The Daily Show and Maisie Williams on Doctor Who, IDK WTF is going on

Many had faith in Jon's chosen successor.

So Idk who this Trevor Noah guy is. But if Jon thinks he can handle it, then I'll believe it

Others had strong opinions on Noah.

Trevor Noah has excellent dimples. Those are my thoughts so far on this announcement, you're welcome.

And some had pressing questions.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnyway, is Trevor Noah single?

He rapidly gained bae status.

bae. RT @BuzzFeedUK: Trevor Noah will be new host of “The Daily Show”

Oh wow. Trevor Noah is bae. 👀

Everyone in South Africa was like we'll show you America.

Trevor Noah tipped to anchor The Daily Show. Millions of Americans will soon be getting their opinions from an SA comedian.

Those *&*^%^ South Africans - coming over here and taking our jobs - #dailyshow

What I like about this is that millions of Americans will wake up today asking "Who the $@¥ is Trevor Noah?" Oh... you'll see.

Chris Rock pretty much summed it up.

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