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People Are Wondering Why Donald Trump Gave A Speech In Front Of Garbage

Cue Oscar the Grouch

Posted on June 28, 2016, at 3:08 p.m. ET

Donald Trump gave a speech on U.S. "economic independence" in Monessen, Pennsyvania on Tuesday.

Donald Trump is speaking in Monessen, Pennsylvania. Watch live on @CNNgo:

And everyone had the same question...

why is donald trump giving a speech in front of a literal wall of garbage

Just turned on the TV: Is Trump giving this speech inside a giant trash compactor?

"Is Trump literally standing in front of garbage?"

Is Trump literally standing in front of garbage? @AdvanceGuyNotes

Yes. It would appear he is.

Trump here, speaking in front of a backdrop of literal compacted garbage

I just turned on my TV and saw Donald Trump standing in front of a giant pile of garbage. That is all.

Just the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. In front of a giant wall of garbage.

FYI: Trump is speaking in front of a giant wall of garbage.

There were a heap — a pile, even — of jokes.

Staffer 1: So just whatever you do, don't put him in front of a giant pile of garbage. Staffer 2: Got it.

Trump is speaking in front of a literal giant pile of garbage, in tribute to Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"Hey you know what would make a great backdrop for Mr. Trump?" "A nice shiny bulldozer?" "No. I was thinking like, a big wall of garbage."

The jibes kept piling up.

Donald Trump finally transcends metaphor, satire, and all else by doing speech in front of giant pile of trash

“Okay we need to make sure Trump looks as good as possible” *places podium in front of giant trash pile*

Trump speaking from inside the Star Wars trash compactor

Of course, everyone immediately thought of a certain Sesame Street character.

Oscar the Grouch for VP?

Pretty much what I always imagined the inside of Oscar The Grouch's trashcan looked like, TBH. Orange troll and all.

Trump's advance staffer, Oscar the Grouch

Amazing: Trump does what his Sesame Street grouch counterpart doesn't and speaks in front of garbage

The dark and gritty Oscar the Grouch reboot you've been waiting for

There are 132 days to the election.