Here's How People Are Making The Best Of Social Distancing

We're in this together, but six feet apart.

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Health authorities across the world have urged people to practice social distancing — minimizing contact and maintaining at least 6 feet between people — to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

In these fearful and uncertain times, folks are sharing the small ways in which they're trying to inject a sense of joy and normalcy in their lives while maintaining social distancing.

Neighbors catching up while being responsible.

Mom sent a picture of how their street is socializing

Social distancing by neighborhood dads.

@barstoolsports @BarstoolBigCat @PardonMyTake my dad texted the neighborhood dads for social distancing beers tonight. Electric performance

And moms!

@gary_mccabe_ @barstoolsports @BarstoolBigCat @PardonMyTake same but make it moms

Responsible neighborhood happy hours.

Social distancing happy hour with my neighbors. Finding fun where we can.

Our neighborhood started a social distancing happy hour each night. Here’s to Night 2!

Neighborhood social distancing happy hour.

@NickPBrown We are doing social distancing happy hour. Fresh air is good. Fresh air with wine/whine helps too.

Friendly neighborhood walks.

#SocialDistancing, Emerson East style: a walking happy hour!🚶‍♀️🍺 🍹(definitely not 🍻). I ❤️ my neighbors! #MadisonWI #COVID19

These friends in my neighborhood always walk together. Today I see they’re walking six feet apart. We stan these social distancing but active queens😷🙌🏻😂

A grid for not-near beer drinking

This is what the new LA County rules for takeout-only service look like at Highland Park Brewery, with a masking-tape grid on the patio floor keeping customers apart

Social distancing neighborhood dance parties.

#SocialDistancing + aerobics = neighborhood dance party! #covid19 #QuarantineLife

Meanwhile on my block: Social-distancing neighborhood street dance party. 4 songs, 14 minutes of fun and community - while 6 feet apart.

Social distancing town troubadours.

I love my neighborhood — what a great moment in this time of uncertainty. (Also, the few dozen people who turned out maintained social distancing really well!)

Entertaining the neighborhood while social distancing! #bpsne #COVID19US #withyoutoday #SocialDistancing

Backyard kickball games.

Neighborhood kids in the back--practicing social distancing--playing kickball. Oh to be a kid again. #ShooShooCoronaFlu #CoronavirusOutbreak

Responsible worship.

Social distancing livestream crew this morning. Makin' church happen over vast physical distances, that's us!

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