18 Incredible Images That Won The World Press Photo Awards Of 2014

The World Press Photo of the Year contest was won by an American photographer, John Stanmeyer.

The annual World Press Photo contest, now in its 57th edition, awards the best in visual journalism.

The winning photographs in nine categories, selected by an international jury of professionals in photojournalism, were announced on Feb. 14. They will be presented in a year-long exhibition traveling through more than 100 cities in over 45 countries, starting on April 18, in Amsterdam.

The descriptions of all the photos are from the World Press Photo website.

1. World Press Photo of the Year 2013 - John Stanmeyer (U.S.) for National Geographic

2. Spot News Stories, 1st prize - Goran Tomasevic (Serbia) for Reuters

3. Staged Portraits Single, 1st Prize - Brent Stirton (South Africa) for Getty Images

4. Nature Stories, 3rd prize - Christian Ziegler (Germany) for National Geographic

5. Observed Portraits Stories, 1st prize - Carla Kogelman (the Netherlands)

6. Staged Portraits Stories, 2nd Prize - Denis Dailleux (France) for Agence VU

7. Sports Feature Stories, 1st prize - Peter Holgersson (Sweden)

8. Observed Portraits Single, 1st prize - Markus Schreiber (Germany) for the Associated Press

9. Nature Stories, 1st prize - Steve Winter (U.S.) for National Geographic

10. Contemporary Issues Stories, 1st prize - Sara Naomi Lewkowicz (U.S.)

11. Daily Life Stories, 1st Prize - Fred Ramos (El Salvador) for El Faro

12. Contemporary Issues Single, 3rd prize - Christopher Vanegas (Mexico) for La Vanguardia / El Guardían

13. Spot News Stories, 2nd prize - Tyler Hicks (U.S.) for The New York Times

14. Sports Action Stories, 3rd prize - Quinn Rooney (Australia) for Getty Images

15. Spot News Single, 1st prize - Phillipe Lopez (France) for Agence France-Presse

16. General News Stories, 2nd prize - William Daniels (France), Panos Pictures for Time

17. General News Single, 1st prize - Alessandro Penso (Italy) for OnOff Pictures

18. Sports Action Single, 2nd prize - Andrzej Grygiel (Poland) for Polska Agencja Prasowa

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