The Spa Founder Who Allegedly Sold Chinese Officials Access To Trump Is Looking To Roger Stone's Defenders For Help

Li "Cindy" Yang is expected to meet with a South Florida husband-wife duo to serve as her lawyer and spokesperson.

Li “Cindy” Yang, founder of a chain of Florida spas who was reportedly offering to sell Chinese officials access to President Donald Trump and his properties, is looking to hire a husband-wife duo involved in holding fundraisers and rallies for Roger Stone to serve as her lawyer and spokesperson, according to a source close to Yang.

Yang is expected to meet with South Florida lawyer Evan Turk, who along with his wife, Karyn Turk, a right-wing commentator and former Mrs. Florida, hosted a fundraiser happy hour for the Roger Stone Legal Fund earlier this month.

Karyn Turk, who calls herself a "huge fan" of Stone's, interviewed the now-indicted adviser to Trump on her show Eye on DC about his life, fashion, and Nixon tattoo. She was also among the group of people who rallied and prayed outside Stone's home after he was indicted in January as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Yang founded the spa in Florida where authorities charged Patriots owner Robert Kraft with soliciting prostitution. Yang no longer owns that spa in Jupiter, but the Miami Herald reported last week that the chain of establishments that Yang founded “have gained a reputation for offering sexual services.” The paper also reported on Yang’s frequent appearances at the president’s club Mar-a-Lago, including a recent picture at a Super Bowl party with the president himself. Yang also posted several other pictures with elected officials.

Mother Jones later reported that Yang and her husband created a company intended to provide Chinese officials with access to Trump and Mar-a-Lago.

After stories about Yang setting up a firm meant to bring Chinese officials into Trump's orbit surfaced, Karyn Turk posted on Facebook, "Another case of of media hype? ... Another conservative being targeted."

In a phone interview with BuzzFeed News, Karyn Turk, who according to her website is also an online personal branding consultant, confirmed that Yang was looking to retain legal counsel and that she helps her husband's firm with public relations.

"I don’t think the real story is being told," Turk said.

Yang could not be reached for comment.

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