An Aspiring YouTuber Thought A Man Was Sending Her Money On Venmo But He Was Setting Her Up For A Really Brutal Burn

Ali Resuta said she was excited when a guy asked for her Venmo account after watching her YouTube vlogs. "I was so wrong," she said.

Ali Resuta is a 21-year-old senior at Arizona State University who's also casually entertaining the idea of a YouTube career.

Resuta told BuzzFeed News her YouTube channel is "actually not serious at all" and is just a medium for her and her friends to vlog their experiences together. "But, I mean, who knows, maybe one day I’ll take it seriously," she added.

On Thursday, a man tried to end her YouTube career before it even had the chance to take off.

Here's what happened: Resuta was on vacation in Hawaii last week when she posted what she described was a "a somewhat risqué picture" to her Instagram stories.

When a guy she knew who had a girlfriend and reacted to her photo, she decided to call him out on Twitter. Her tweet had been only retweeted a handful of times, but it was seen enough that she said she was receiving random DMs from strangers online.

"And that’s when I met Patrick," she explained.

Patrick was one of the guys who found her Instagram photo from the tweet, and DMed her. Resuta said she had a brief, jokey exchange with him when he suddenly messaged her asking her for her Venmo account.

"Men are weird and I’ve gotten a considerate amount of money from random dudes on the internet for no reason whatsoever. So, as you could see in the screenshot, I got pretty excited because I thought I was about to get some money," she said.

When she asked him why he was asking and he responded that it was for her new YouTube vlogs, Resuta only got more excited.

"I was so wrong," she said.

Patrick was not asking for her Venmo account to send her money — he was asking for her Venmo account to request money.

Patrick proceeded to request $5 from Resuta for "3:44 of [his] time," the length of her latest YouTube vlog, where Resuta and a friend document a day driving around, bantering, and eating Hot Cheetos.

Resuta guffawed, but she took the elaborate burn all in good stride.

"I knew he was just kidding and not actually trying to be mean," she said.

She then shared it on Twitter for her friends to laugh about "because I joke about becoming YouTube famous all the time," she said.

She even captioned her tweet, "This is the end of my YouTube career."

People online are shocked by the brutality, but can't help but laugh. "LMAOOO that's so mean but fucking hilarious," someone responded.

Resuta said she's now received more trolling on Venmo requesting money for their time. However, one person paid her $5 for the 3 minutes and 44 seconds of his time because "that guys [sic] dumb," they wrote.

"Thankfully the tweet has calmed down and the internet has gone back to ignoring me," she said, laughing.

If you're wondering, no, she did not fulfill Patrick's request and pay him. "I'm way too broke for that," she said.

She and Patrick are also on good terms, and were able to laugh about the whole exchange after her tweet went super viral.

In the meantime, Resuta is back to resuming her daily life and capturing it all on video to share. She said famous YouTubers like David Dobrik and Cody Ko directly inspired her to create a YouTube account and who "inspired [her] to start vlogging my everyday life," she added.

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