A Teen On TikTok Has A PSA About Pleather Zara Pants You Should Know About

They make a...particular sound.

A 19-year-old from Putnam Valley, New York, has gone viral for sharing an important detail about a pair of pleather pants from Zara, which people should know about before buying.

The pants will make a...particular sound when you squat in them.

I'll let Julia Leonard explain and demonstrate in her viral TikTok from Tuesday.

Leonard told BuzzFeed News she had not tried the pants on at all until she wore them recently while out to eat with her family.

And as she described in her TikTok, which has already been viewed over 2 million times, when her sister dropped her phone, she bent down to pick it up, and a ~flatulent~ sound was created.

"She looked at me and I thought, That wasn't me. What the hell just happened?" Leonard said. "[My sister] was like, 'You're disgusting!'"

The teen said she finally realized when she got home that it was the friction in the design of the Zara pants that was making the noise.

"My family was cracking up hysterically," she said. "They made me do it over and over again and made a show out of it. I did a whole HIIT workout for how much my legs were going up and down."

Leonard posted the TikTok about the pants to ~inform others~, and it immediately went viral.

People are now fully informed — and completely amused.

Like her own family, strangers are now asking her to squat over and over again in the pants for their amusement.


Reply to @anneoverboard my legs are SO SOREEE 😭 #Boo #zara

♬ original sound - Julia

People want her to do it in "rapid-fire mode" and record herself "drop[ping] things in front of people at the store."

From the internet's wild demands and instructions, Leonard has also realized that it's one specific squat form that causes the pants to...fart.


Reply to @dalis.m im literally cryingggg

♬ original sound - Julia

Leonard said she's glad people are getting a kick out of it, but she's surprised that she hasn't deterred one person from buying these pants. She said she's gotten messages from more people saying "I need this" and asking her for the specific stock-keeping unit number.

"It's just funny something so little like that could blow up so big," said Leonard. "I thought people would be like, 'I'm not buying these,' but it's totally the opposite effect. I was like, what the heck?"

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Zara for comment. We'll update if we get any breaking (wind) news.

Leonard added that many young women messaged her to genuinely thank her for brightening their day with something so inane.

"I saw a bunch of comments from girls saying, 'I was having such a bad day, I was just crying before, and then I saw this video and it really made me laugh, so thank you for this,'" she said. "It just made me happy that one small thing like that could change someone's day."

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