This Guy Asked For A Framed Clinton Photo At A Trump Hotel, And They Delivered

The staff apparently "smirked" at his request.

This is 29-year-old Jon Lorenzini. He lives in Queens, New York, but was in Chicago for a business trip. He told BuzzFeed News he gets a special rate at Trump International hotels, so that's where he stayed.

Lorenzini said he knew people could special-request photos for their hotel rooms, so prior to his Chicago trip, he called the hotel and asked for a "framed photo of Hillary Clinton."

And the staff at Trump Hotel & Tower Chicago delivered perfectly. "When I walked in I started laughing," he told BuzzFeed News. "They picked a very classy frame and photo of her."

Lorenzini mentioned that when he went up to the front desk to confirm his request, the employee smirked and "quietly said, 'That's funny.'"

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