People Of Las Vegas Are Showing Us What The Real Spirit Of Their City Looks Like

"I feel like the whole world is getting to see the community aspect of Las Vegas. I'm proud of the resilience."

The city of Las Vegas is reeling following the horror and devastation of the shooting that killed at least 59 and injured more than 500 others on Sunday.

By Monday, many local residents were ready to lift their city up with hope. Long lines had already began forming at blood donation centers in the early hours of the morning following the news of the mass shooting.

It's 6:40 am, and there is a line out the door and around the block. People waiting to donate blood at United Blood…

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They wrapped around corners and corners.

Hundreds of Americans waiting in line in Las Vegas to donate blood. Humanity. ❤️

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In fact, a handful of blood banks were reportedly full by early Monday morning.

Regional director of the blood bank, Erik Hill, said the wait list for the bank is 150.

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Food donations also filled hospitals and other donation sites.

“There is so much food in the hospital,” says a security guard. Volunteers keep bringing food,water and pizza to Su…

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One local Chinese restaurant even sent their employees to blood donation centers to distribute free food to the donors.

Volunteers from a local Chinese restaurant distribute free food to blood donors following the #LasVegas mass shooti…

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And one little girl showed up to a hospital with snacks and water to hand out, according a local reporter from KSNV News 3.

She's only 3 but little Emmy is finding ways to help. She's handing out water & snacks to families at the hospital.…

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Las Vegas City Hall reporter Jamie Munks said she observed someone bringing cops coffee and donuts.

The man behind this @LVMPD car just brought over coffee and doughnuts for officers.

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Therapy dogs from the Chicago-area Lutheran Church Charities were also sent to a hospital where victims are being treated. "People need just a moment of sunshine in a terrible, terrible day," said Mike Millett of the organization told ABC 7 Chicago.

We're at Sunrise Hospital now to be with people that stayed all night with patients. We will then will visit patien…

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Many other loving and comforting doggos visited family members in waiting rooms.

There are therapy dogs in the waiting room at Sunrise Hospital, visiting with concert goers and family members awai…

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NBC's Today coordinated a special and emotional reunion between a survivor and a man who saved his life. "I've been in the Army reserves for 10 years...I got my EMT shirt awhile back. I never did anything with it until the other night," James (the hero) said on air Tuesday.

WATCH: @savannahguthrie helps reunite a Las Vegas shooting survivor with the man who saved him

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A room full of survivors and witnesses at the Tropicana Hotel rose to their feet to applaud first responders when they arrived.

Survivors and witnesses to deadly Las Vegas shooting applaud first responders as they walk into the Tropicana Hotel…

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A GoFundMe initiated early on by Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak to support the families of victims has surpassed $3.7 million in donations.

The Las Vegas gofundme that I last saw was at 700k is now over 3.5 mil. When hate attacks, we fight back harder.

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And many Las Vegas residents had the same idea to show up to the famous "welcome" sign and drop off flowers, cards, and candles.

There's always a line at the welcome sign, but it feels different today. Memorial set up under the sign with flower…

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BuzzFeed News reporter Jim Dalrymple II recorded a group of people who stuck around after a vigil to sing and chant.

There was a vigil at Las Vegas City Hall this evening. It's mostly over, but this group is still around singing.

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These moments of kindness, support, and community have impacted Las Vegans, and the country around them. "I'm proud of the resilience," one resident tweeted.

I feel like the whole world is getting to see the community aspect of Las Vegas. I'm proud of the resilience.

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"Reminded today why I love my hometown. We take care of each other, unconditionally. Proud to be from the 702. Our city!" another added.

Reminded today why I love my hometown. We take care of each other, unconditionally. Proud to be from the 702. Our city!

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Las Vegas continues to demonstrate the spirit of "we got this."

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