A Teen Claims Her Chanel Bag On Poshmark Was Never Returned. Poshmark Said It Has No Idea What Happened But It's "A Closed Case."

Poshmark said the case is now "closed," but the designer bag is still missing.



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A 19-year-old from Los Angeles resorted to making a TikTok after, according to her, a $1,150 Chanel bag she tried to sell on Poshmark was returned to her without the bag in it.

Seller Olivia Broberg told BuzzFeed News she had had an "awful" experience working with the company — and she still has no idea what happened.

Poshmark told BuzzFeed News the case has been "closed" after it finally issued Broberg a full refund, but the bag remains missing.

Here's what we know so far:

Last week, Broberg posted the video, which has gone viral on the app. In it, she says she filed multiple claims with Poshmark after discovering her Chanel bag was not in the return box. The buyer was apparently not satisfied with the quality of the item when they received it and initiated a return a few weeks ago.

After notifying Poshmark about the mishap, according to emails Broberg provided, the company responded on May 6 saying it believed she had filed a "fraudulent" claim and suspended her account.

A company representative initially told Broberg that they had opened an investigation into her case and believed the "correct item was shipped back" to her.

"Therefore, we have closed your claim and suspended your account," the support team representative wrote. "We consider making false claims fraudulent and do not condone it."

Broberg told BuzzFeed News she was distressed by this response. She thought she had lost over $1,000 in the sale, in addition to her red mini Chanel handbag. She was and still is sure it was "stolen."

"There was no bag in the box, so it was very clear my stuff had been stolen. I can’t be sure if it was the buyer or someone at Poshmark, 'cause it’s gone through so many stops along the way, [but] I got super angry," she said.

She then filed another complaint to the company about the suspension of her account, and the still-missing purse. She also contacted the buyer with claims that they had scammed her out of the purchase. The buyer, though, insisted that they had shipped the bag to her.

On the same day, May 6, Broberg got another email from the same representative, who stated again that "after an investigation there is not enough evidence to support your claim."

The email continued: "You may file a police report with your local police department regarding this experience."

The representative further suggested that she reach out to the USPS's inspection services, and that Poshmark would be willing to cooperate if she opened a case.

The company did, however, lift Broberg's account suspension. But the teen felt it was not enough, and that the company was trying to "silence" her.

"They were trying to make me go through this extremely lengthy process. ... They were trying to bury me in bureaucracy," she told BuzzFeed News. "They were just going to silence me and side with the buyers."

Broberg said she felt she "didn't have any more options," so she made the TikTok late last week. A day later, she was contacted on TikTok via direct message from the company saying it would refund her.

A spokesperson for Poshmark told BuzzFeed News that the company had obtained shipment proof from the buyer that the box was sent out, and that's how it "came to a conclusion with the information [it] had" initially.

"We always aim to resolve issues to ensure our community has a great experience on Poshmark and apologize for falling short on this case," the spokesperson said in a statement. "Our community comes first at Poshmark, and we’ve worked with both the Poshmark seller (Olivia) and buyer involved in this issue and reached a positive outcome for all parties."

Unfortunately, it appears the seller and buyer do not quite feel they've reached "a positive outcome."

When reached, the buyer was adamant to BuzzFeed News that they "do not have the bag," and that they had supplied as much evidence as they could that it was properly returned on their end. They added that they had returned the bag because there was a scratch on it, which Broberg denies.

The buyer wished to remain anonymous because they've been receiving harassment from online sleuths after Broberg's TikTok went viral.

"I do not have the bag. I provided Olivia with evidence of the bag being boxed, packed, and scanned at USPS immediately after receiving her slanderous email," the buyer said.

In fact, the buyer is now alleging that Broberg is not telling the truth.

"I do not have her bag — and basing off facts alone, because I suspect she was irritated with the return, I was under the impression she replaced the roll of tape herself and [Poshmark] still decided to believe her and work with her," they said.

But Broberg insisted to BuzzFeed News she does not have the Chanel bag. Both she and the buyer posed the possibility that it could have been intercepted at Poshmark's offices, however, while company policy requires designer purchases to be verified upon first sending out, they do not check about returns.

The company spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that "the bag is not at Poshmark," and that the return shipment did not make a stop back at their headquarters before it got to Broberg. "We don't know where it is," they stated.

"We have proof the box was delivered. Unfortunately, we don't have proof of what the buyer received or what the buyer sent, so it's a case closed situation," they said.

When asked how the company could come to a "case closed" status if the bag remains missing, the spokesperson said its choices are limited with the lack of information.

"We communicated with Olivia and we communicated with the buyer," they said. "We don't know where the bag is, so there's not much we can do there. We wish this hadn't happened."


Additionally, the spokesperson said these instances are "very rare."

"Dispute cases where a buyer returns an item due to an item not as described and the seller claims they did not receive the correct returned item make up less than 0.01% of orders on Poshmark," the spokesperson said.

According to all accounts, the red Chanel mini handbag is still at large...somewhere...in someone's possession.

"It doesn’t feel like it’s going to be over," said Broberg. "This is an awful experience."


This story has been updated to include a follow-up response from Poshmark that the return box did not in fact make a stop at its headquarters — and they do not typically approve returns.