This Guy Has People Trying To Spell A Sniff. It's Pretty Stupid But Also So Challenging.

"Snnnnnnuh?" ""Nnnnnnhhhhhhfffffss?" "Hmmf?"

Muhammad Ali Kirkwood, a 28-year-old from Jonesboro, Arkansas, is your average user on Twitter. He muses about random funny shit, and he tweets about said random funny shit online.

Kirkwood has garnered a nice amount of followers because of it — 13,800 of them.

Some of his greatest hits include "Weight doesn’t matter when I look for a woman . I ain’t that shallow".

And "How I sleep knowing I'm the family disappointment & everyone talks about me."

"I randomly come up with my tweets," he exclusively told BuzzFeed News.

On Sunday, Kirkwood posted the following challenge after he sniffed, and thought, I wonder how you spell it ? (Are you still reading this story? Thank you. You keep me employed.)

I got $750 to anybody that can spell the sound of a sniff😂😂😂

"I got $750 to anybody that can spell the sound of a sniff," he wrote, laughing.

Kirkwood confirmed to BuzzFeed News that he "was gone off the strong" at the time of the thought.

His tweet has been retweeted a couple thousand of times. But people have mostly, really, earnestly taken him up on the challenge.

A bunch of strangers are attempting to onomatopoeia-ize a human sniff.

@BigBeard_Ali Schhnuuuuhhhh 😂😂




Miraculously and even more hilariously, people are actually sniffing out loud to try to break down its sound and match it to an English alphabet.

@FinesseAmour @BigBeard_Ali I think I did bout fiftylleven times. So much I started coughing 😂

They're even upset with Kirkwood for enabling and inspiring this in the first place.

@BigBeard_Ali I'm almost mad at you got me over here looking for letters to this sound

I'm mad as fuck I'm really sitting here sniffin the air tryna figure out what to type in lmao this is why I need to…

"I'm sniffing hard as fuck trying to figure this out and someone just asked me if I need a tissue," someone tweeted.

@BigBeard_Ali I’m sniffing hard as fuck trying to figure this out and someone just asked me if I need a tissue 💀💀💀

Kirkwood is wildly entertained by everyone's willingness to participate. But he is not actually serious about paying anyone $750 for it, to clarify.

He said his favorite response so far, that made him laugh out loud, was "Sza."

As dumb as this whole stunt was, and as dumb as people feel (including me) for trying, this thread has brought a lot of joy to people's lives for one fleeting moment.

@BigBeard_Ali These tweets are why I love twitter. I'm shedding real tears laughing

"People love to interact with crazy, silly, funny things," Kirkwood said.

And for anyone who is taking this challenge extremely seriously, "sniff" has often been cited as an onomatopoeia.

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