This Mom Has Been Using The Wrong Idiom For "Break A Leg" And It Has Everyone Screaming

Lourdes's mom has since googled the term she's been using and "she is a bit disgusted."

This is 21-year-old Lourdes Zavaleta, a junior at the University of Houston, and her mom, Maria. Lourdes is currently finishing up her finals and third year in school. And Maria is very proud of her daughter!

On Monday, as Lourdes was heading into her last final for her intercultural communication class, she texted her mom.

"This test was very important to me and my family because it was my last exam of my third year," she told BuzzFeed News.

"Finishing it also meant that I only have one more semester before I graduate."

Her mom texted back well wishes — well, that was the intention. "Break a leg" was what she was intending.

This actually wasn't the first time her mom used this term. A few months ago, Lourdes said her mom mistakenly used the term when wishing her and her brother luck on midterm exams. "She said something like, 'You'll both do fine tomorrow. Just bust a nut.'"

"My brother and I couldn't stop laughing," she said. "But we never told her why because of how awkward that conversation would have been."

They did tell her that the phrase she was reaching for was "break a leg," however.

"I'm not sure how she picked up the phrase, but I'm assuming it was either from her fourth-grade students or a TV show," Lourdes suspected. But after she shared the recent text from her mom online, it's completely ended people.

@gossipgriII No one warned us of this mess when we signed up for twitter dot com

@lina_mahf @gossipgriII @karleybear3___ I CANT BREATHE HAHAHAHAHAH

No one...was ready.

iiiiiim screammmmming

While others felt...differently. "No, I think she knew exactly what she meant," someone joked.

@gossipgriII @bradgallaway no i think she knew exactly what she meant

"Different sentiment, same phrase," someone else pointed out (NOT WRONG).


Mama Maria has inspired people to consider updating this ancient "break a leg" saying we all subscribe to.

@gossipgriII @ladruggie @juliab00k I'm crying. gonna start sayin this from now on to wish ppl luck 😂

Hey LeAnne, good luck on your audition. Bust a nut!

In full favor of replacing "break a leg" with "bust a nut" as the go-to good luck idiom.

I have total faith in you, Garrett. You know what they say! "Bust a nut!"

@yambrobeyotch I will only accept this from well wishers in the future

Lourdes told BuzzFeed News she's since explained the term to her mom — OK, well, she told her mom to "google it." Maria has googled. "She is a bit disgusted," Lourdes reported back.

@gossipgriII It's a good thing to wish for either way...

"I will never say that again," Maria declared.

Maria told BuzzFeed News she's also since seen her daughter's viral tweet. "I cannot believe how many people have given it attention," she said. "I'm so embarrassed."

Now: Why is this as much of A Thing among moms as it is already?

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