A Senator Just Tweeted A Photo Of Himself And No One Knows Why

Yep....that's you....senator....

On Thursday β€” amid tense deliberations about Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination and his own public commentary on the matter β€” Sen. Patrick Leahy tweeted a photo of himself.

For what reason? No one knows. BuzzFeed News has reached out to his office to inquire.

The senator from Vermont was being quite active on the social media platform, tweeting and retweeting his thoughts on the FBI investigation into the allegations against Kavanaugh and about his "temperament."

And then, a selfie.

People were like, "K?"

@SenatorLeahy @gilbertjasono What is happening here

Some thought he looked great, though.

daddy 😍 https://t.co/2lvIJ4JoTf

Because does one ever need a reason to share a photo of themselves if one is feeling themselves?

Hey. When you're in your feels, you've just got to let the world know. https://t.co/fXVY1nNV2q

It was very humanizing and relatable.

when u take 40 selfies and finally get the rite angle https://t.co/dBDypPJyUe

And the American people got the message loud and clear, senator.

I think every American, no matter their political stripe, can get behind this unifying message. Thank you, Senator Leahy. https://t.co/I2xq5WLGEO

no idea why you posted this, Patrick, but I like you. https://t.co/XsyNnIT7R8

Some wondered if he was hacked, or if the photo was actually of him. Leahy confirmed it was certainly his own selfie by retweeting the selfie and adding, "yep... that's me..."

yep... that's me... https://t.co/lroC0gnYdJ

And we were all like, "Yep...that's you..."

That is indeed you, my man. https://t.co/HnOxbJ9ZGJ

No one knows exactly what is happening.

What's going on here? https://t.co/6EDKX03D49

It may just be a moment left unexplained, or it could be "a watershed moment in proving the versatility and adaptability of memes on the internet."

Senator Leahy tweeting his own photo was a watershed moment in proving the versatility and adaptability of memes on the internet. In this essay I.... https://t.co/33pZGrDl1N

Or we're all just a bit delirious from the week. After tweeting and confirming his selfie, Sen. Leahy proceeded to return to his regularly scheduled tweets.

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