A Mom Had An Adorably Hilarious Solution After She Caught Her 6-Year-Old Drawing On The Wall

Parents Eric and Kim told BuzzFeed News the solution even deterred their sons from pulling the stunt ever again because they learned "writing on the wall is no longer taboo."

This is the Massicotte family from Toronto. Eric and Kim are parents to 6-year-old Ryan and 4-year-old Peter.

The parents told BuzzFeed News they have their kids draw or read every morning to get them "warmed up" (aka distracted) as they're run around getting everything ready for the day.

On Monday, however, Ryan decided to show his little brother how to draw a house...using a wall as a canvas.

After Eric picked the kids up from school, he came home to discover his wife had a creative and hilarious solution to the uncommissioned and semi-permanent new art on their wall.

Eric said he immediately started laughing when he saw what his wife had done, but the kids were very much "confused."

Impressed by his wife's sense of humor, Eric shared the moment on Twitter, where it has gone viral. People were both impressed by Ryan's abstract artwork and Kim's real-life solution.

@DrMassicotte Your property value probably doubled considering that it is now both a residential dwelling *and* an… https://t.co/PDMo3nQ3GL

This is fantastic! How a great sense of humor can save the day! https://t.co/15uMyUI9rQ

The type of parent I hope to be one day https://t.co/EGEEapCfht

Parents were inclined to share their children's, err, disruptive house graffiti.

@DrMassicotte @maitelsadany Wish we'd framed this back in 2013. My better half painted over it for me, his heart wa… https://t.co/XxUcATSUpR

The parents are keeping the museum display up for the foreseeable future. "It will stay in our house as a fun memory," Eric said.

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