This Guy Shared A Devastating And Hilarious Story Of Playing "Truth Or Dare" With A Crush

People online are unsure if they should be cackling or crying at Serena's eighth grade "dare" to Will.

This past weekend, a 25-year-old from Surrey, British Columbia, named Will came across this old tweet asking "fellas" to share a time they were brutally rejected by girl.

Fellas, lets start a support group. Tweet about the time you got curved the worst

Will recalled a time in middle school that he has never truly lived down. He shared a 140-character summary of a party where he and a group of friends played "truth or dare."

When I was younger, we were playing truth or dare at this party and this cute girl I liked dared me to go home 😐 I…

"I ain't played since," he claimed in the tweet (that has since gone hugely viral).

Will followed up with his own tweet, telling those curious about the incident that he would relay the whole story.

I keep tellin ya'll I'll tell you the whole story but I always forget to lmao

He's finally relayed the whole story to BuzzFeed News: "It was the summer before eighth grade," he began. "One of my friends invited me to a party that was supposed to be the biggest party before school started."

His crush at the time, a girl named Serena, was there. Someone at the party had the idea of gathering in a circle to play Truth or Dare, and, well, we'll have Will tell the rest:

This girl I had this huge crush on [Serena] was there. I showed up to the party and everyone was complimenting my clothes 'cause I picked them out for an hour beforehand [laughter]. I was having a good time — some of us were drinking, most weren't drinking. We sat down and played Truth or Dare an hour or two after we got there. I purposely sat across from Serena and figured I'd ask her something. But that didn't pan out.

Everyone was picking truths! There was nothing major, though, just stuff like, 'Have you ever kissed so-and-so?' etc. So Serena gets chosen to go against me. I didn't want to say truth so she'd think I was a pussy. I picked dare. I thought she'd pick something fun...

Will said that's when Serena turned to him with a "smirk" across her face.

"She gives me a smirk and said, 'I dare you to go home,' and everyone started laughing. And I started laughing 'cause I didn't even believe it."

Will told BuzzFeed News he was laughing and playing along — but he was actually really hurt inside.

"I was hurt. It was a shock," he said. "It was completely different than what I was expecting."

Will said he then proceeded to get up from the Truth or Dare circle, and wanted to go home. "Everyone was stopping me, saying it was 'just a joke.' I said, 'No, I actually got to go home anyway.' I walked home. It was a 20-minute walk. It was pretty upsetting. But now it's a funny story."

People online, who had not heard the full story, could feel the pain.

Will said a friend at the party named Jack, whom he's still friends with today, will bring the incident up from time to time and they'll laugh about it. Jack confirmed the account to BuzzFeed News.

@bryannamariie_ @ThereGoesWill I'm laughing but the truth be hind this tweet really makes me want to cry 😅😂😂

Jack, even more brutally, added that he remembered Will "pausing to stare at her for five seconds" before finally joining in laughter. "Shit was embarrassing," Jack said, adding that Will had the "loudest laugh I ever heard."

Jack recalled Will telling him that he "had to be home in 10 minutes" implying he had a curfew — a curfew that Jack said he knew he didn't have.

@ThereGoesWill I'm so sorry that happened to yo-

People online really can't decide if they should laugh or cry.


My heart just sank deep into my chest

(For a lot of folks, it's both — and sometimes simultaneously.)

LOOOOL the violation 😭😭

Curiously, some people pointed out that Serena's cold "dare" has been referenced online previously, but Will maintains that he had not ever heard of it. (Perhaps Serena had been inspired at the time, he conjectures.)

@ThereGoesWill Lmaooo I'm really sorry that happened 😂😂😂😂😂

Will told BuzzFeed News he was never good friends with Serena, and they have not kept in touch over the years. But he suspects that she now knows how hurtful that "dare" was to a then-young Will.

@ThereGoesWill @NawRob Son Ima pray for you on this one, no one deserves that hurt

"She's probably seen the tweet," he added, laughing.

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