This Teen Made An Adorably Corny Disney Channel Graduation Card And People Love It

"I don't know him. But I love him."

This is high school senior Isaac Perez and his cousin Kaycee Caufield. Perez will graduate at the end of this school year and plans to attend Washington State University in the fall.

Perez has started planning graduation festivities. As a lifelong viewer of the Disney Channel, he knew exactly what theme he wanted for his graduation announcement. He was specifically inspired by the iconically awkward Disney Channel outtake videos.

When Caufield saw the finished draft of his graduation card, she burst into laughter. She immediately shared it with everyone else on Twitter, captioning it, "I can't."

My cousins graduation announcement I can't hahahaha

Caufield told BuzzFeed News she knew how much her cousin loved the Disney Channel, so she "didn't expect anything less" when she saw the card.

But she still couldn't get over how funny it was, because "you have to read it in the [Disney] voice, which is hilarious."

Her tweet has gotten thousands of retweets, and Perez has gotten a handful of new fans.

Why was this not my graduation announcement?

People are finding both Perez and the card adorkably "extra."

I don't know him. But I love him 😂

@qdangvo I aspire to be this extra

@FreddyAmazin @alyssapreziosi so extra😂😂😂😂

Caufield said her cousin's card is "a cute little reminder that we're all growing up, but you're never too old for Disney."

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