People Are Outraged After A Magazine Did "Slanty Eyes" On Instagram

The publication has since issued an apology "to whoever felt offended."

On Wednesday, Glamour Brazil shared a Boomerang Instagram post of employees pulling their eyes "slanty" and bowing to celebrate the end of a special Japanese project.

For several days after, commenters called their gestures "racist" and demanded the company take the post down.

The post then reached other international audiences. People in the Asian-American community are expressing their bafflement and frustrations online.

Love, from Glamour Brasil.

.@GlamourBR what is the meaning of this???

Hey, @glamourmag @GlamourBR. What in the actual fuck?

.@ESEAsianBeauty this is what Glamour Magazine looks like in its Brazil affiliate. We're trying to raise concern bu…

Glamour Brazil finally deleted the post late Friday afternoon.

So @GlamourBR tried to delete the evidence but WE GOT THE RACIST RECEIPTS, BOO.

After ongoing backlash, they issued an apology on Twitter. "In relation to that Instagram post published on November 1, about our trip to Japan, we would like to apologize," the tweet said.

Em relação ao post de Instagram publicado em 1 de novembro, sobre nossa viagem ao Japão, gostaríamos de nos desculp…

And in the attached image, they added: "We did not have the intention to offend and we want to apologize to whoever felt offended with the post that has been removed."

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Glamour Brazil apologizes "to the Asian community" and said their "team regrets the incident."

"We apologize to the Asian community and every follower who has been offended by the publication in our Instagram account," Mayana Borzani, a PR spokesperson said.

"Glamour Brazil's team regrets the incident. It does not match the magazine's position or opinions."

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