People Are Going Crazy Over This Ice Cream Guy Ruthlessly Messing With A Dad


This is Mahmood Algahim. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio, but recently took a trip with his dad, Fadhl, to Turkey, where they had a random and hilarious encounter with an ice cream vendor.

Mahmood's dad went up to a stand and ordered an ice cream, but he got so much more. The ice cream vendor decided to mess with his dad endlessly — for almost an ENTIRE MINUTE, in fact. Mahmood was filming the entire time and shared it on Twitter.

Mahmood told BuzzFeed News the ice cream stand is in Istanbul and that the employee "does this to a lot of people."

Even though Fadhl looked like he was a good sport about it, Mahmood captioned his video with "Deep down my dad is pissed."

After he snatched his ice cream, Fadhl hilariously said, "Bye!"

This particular vendor has become pretty well-known among people in Istanbul. Other people have shared their encounters with him on social media.

@yung_mood I made a video with the same ice-cream man in Istanbul

The woman in the above video, Palvashé, told BuzzFeed News the shop is called Kmaras Ottoman Ice Cream and it's situated between the historic Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

Not only has Mahmood's video gone crazy-viral (it's been shared over 80,000 times and liked 120,000 times at time of publication), but people are also cracking up and calling out how ruthless this ice cream guy is.

They're even feeling secondhand annoyance from all his jokes.

@yung_mood I Would've Been Sitting Like This Until He Was Done Playing Games.

And relating so hard to the dad's "bye" when he finally got his ice cream.

Ice cream dude: We're impressed, but goddamn you.

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