What Is This Photo Of? People Are Doing Double And Triple Takes Trying To Figure It Out

Apologies for the semi-clickbaity headline, but Micah Horn's photo has me tripping.

This epic photo of a recent outdoor Zedd concert is making headlines for its— just kidding. Fake news. It's not a photo of a Zedd show, or an EDM venue.

However, the photo by Texas photographer Micah Horn has thousands on the internet seeing just that after a friend shared it online last week.

You know you rave too much when you look at this and think it’s a festival pic

"Is this Lalapalooza [sic]?"

is this lalapalooza? https://t.co/gZbANjIHbg

"What festival is this?"

What festival is this? https://t.co/h5idI7BFsx

People did several takes, unsure what they were seeing. Some said they even zoomed in to investigate (and then felt pretty ridiculous about it).

Why did I just zoom in to see what music fest this was https://t.co/njEirJkoE4

why did I just zoom in to see what band was playing thinking it was a music festival pic https://t.co/yc5EdxISW2

The reactions to, and confusion over, the photo became viral on its own.

Thought this was a picture of a festival crowd https://t.co/dXqBejV1Cp

Thought this was a concert. https://t.co/rPvh1FQNHl


If you've been mulling and studying the photo over, you may have realized it's a photo of a cotton field at night, with three large cotton strippers angled in the background.

Horn took the photo because his friend, Brandon Brieger, was driving one of the tractors that night. Brieger is a college student and cotton farmer from Ropesville, Texas, and an aspiring photographer himself. He told BuzzFeed News he shared Horn's photo, among other farming photos, "to educate people on modern-day farming practices."

The friends were supremely surprised by how much of a stir this one photo caused, considering they share scenic photos of the field where Brieger works quite often.

People are still stumbling upon Horn's photo, and sharing it across Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook (including EDM pages, hilariously). It's gone hugely viral on all platforms.

This looks like a mad sesh till you find out it’s a combine harvester in a cotton field

And in multiple languages.

Parece una fiesta electrónica, pero en realidad solamente es una máquina cosechando algodón por la noche.

"It honestly made me laugh," Brieger said, seeing all the reactions. Honestly, and truthfully, it's hard to tell the difference in 2017 (the photo on the right is of an actual Zedd show that Zedd shared).


This post has been updated to clarify that the machines in the photo are cotton strippers that also contain tractors in them.

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