A 7-Year-Old Gave His Mom A Totally Legit Note From "The School" To Play More Video Games

"If he does not stay up all night playing video games, he will get kicked out of school!!!" Mom, this sounds urgent!!!

This is the Anderson family from Utah. Lori and Jeff are parents to 4-year-old Alice and 7-year-old Nathan. Lori told BuzzFeed News Nathan has a Windows 10 computer in his room that he plays all his video games on, but he has a strict curfew every night.

When Lori came home from work one day, she said she found this note sitting on a table at home.

The note, allegedly from "the school," said Nathan had been performing well at school "except for VIDEO GAME CLASS!" It urged his parents that if he does not stay up playing all night, he will not improve his skills and "get kicked out of school!!!"

"The paper was an odd size — 5" by 7" — but I picked it up and read it, and I just barely didn’t laugh while reading it," Lori said.

The totally legitimate and official note read:

Dear parents,

Nathan has Been Doing good in all his classes, exept for VIDEO GAME CLASS! If he does not stay up all night playing video games, He will get kicked out of school!!! Start letting him stay up all night, & start tonight. He can play anything, computer, Wii, ipod, ipad, phone & any other elekctronick.

The school

"I went over to Nathan and said, 'Nathan, what’s this all about?" Lori said Nathan didn't cop to anything, but had a "big smirk on his face."

Lori took a photo of of it and sent it to Nathan's second grade teacher at Black Ridge Elementary School. And, hilariously, the teacher said Nathan told her about the note.

When BuzzFeed News asked Nathan why he forged a very believable note, he responded, "I really wanted to stay up playing video games all night."

And it worked! Well, sort of. Lori said he was able to stay up an extra 30 minutes that night to play his games.

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