These Canadians Had A Very Polite Argument About Politics Online And People Are Amazed

"Canadians: The civilized North Americans."

In Italy over the weekend, US President Donald Trump took time to compliment foreign world leaders — and reportedly referred to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as "Justin from Canada."

The cavalier reference sparked a lot of talk and jokes on Twitter on Saturday. One user, @KalmarSheryl, joked that she wished the US "had a Justin Trudeau to come and rescue us from [Trump]."

@ccrritchie @tarapalmeri @mattdpearce I wish we had a Justin Trudeau to come and rescue us from 45.

That's when an Alberta university student @br0k3nHalo chimed in to remind @KalmarSheryl that not all Canadians venerate Trudeau — in her opinion, "a whole lot of Canada" does not.

@KalmarSheryl @ccrritchie @tarapalmeri @mattdpearce No you don't, a whole lot of Canada doesn't actually like JT

Twitter user @br0k3nHalo, who wishes to remain anonymous, told BuzzFeed News she decided to engage "to take the fantasy off the Americans eyes that Canadian politics is quintessential."

"And just let them know that some people don't like Trudeau — he isn't perfect," she added.

Her comment prompted user @BilodeauMeg from Prince Edward Island to jump in and say that just because Canadians disagree with some of Trudeau's policies, it does not mean "the majority" disapprove of him.

@br0k3nHalo @KalmarSheryl @ccrritchie @tarapalmeri @mattdpearce B/c we do not agree with a few of his policies does…

@br0kenHalo then responded to her comment by simply pointing out she didn't say a "majority" of Canadians.

@BilodeauMeg @KalmarSheryl @ccrritchie @tarapalmeri @mattdpearce I didn't say majority

Which prompted @BilodeauMeg to take a step back and apologize for misinterpreting their initial comment.

@br0k3nHalo @KalmarSheryl @ccrritchie @tarapalmeri @mattdpearce I misinterpreted. My apologies.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to @BilodeauMeg.

Which then made @br0kenHalo also take a step back from the "fight" and admit that she did not present her argument as coherently as she could have. "Completely not your fault," she added.

@BilodeauMeg @KalmarSheryl @ccrritchie @tarapalmeri @mattdpearce I was unclear, completely not your fault

"Since Trump came into politics it's hard to avoid a political discussion, but I don't usually engage too deeply if I'm not an expert," she explained.

"I try to stay out of really aggressive threads. I just tweet for the fun and venting."

People who followed this short and diplomatic exchange were both amused and impressed. "Total opposite of how Americans argue now: 'Snowflake libtard' 'Right-wing nutjob,'" someone said.

@br0k3nHalo @BilodeauMeg @KalmarSheryl @ccrritchie @tarapalmeri @mattdpearce Hee, such a Canadian convo: "Sorry" "N…

"When Canadians fight on Twitter," someone wrote, screenshotting the exchange.

Of course, ~not all Canadians~ are this polite, but it's certainly brought some hilarious truth to the national stereotype.

@JoParkerBear Canadians - the civilised North Americans

@Duskstone89 @janewordsmith @Sue3805m @MurrayClarke5 @CS70 @JoParkerBear @ixix82 This thread. Right here. Why Canad…

People thought this was a great example of how to engage in loaded and complex discussions online.

This is what I hope people everywhere would default to. <3

why can't everyone be like this?

And some fellow Canadians cosigned it.

Not an exaggeration 😂 I have friends with opposing political/social viewpoints and this is how we talk/argue.

More or less...yeah. It's gonna be funny when I move to America with my uber politeness.

"People just need to know when to let go of their argument, because you can't change everyone to think like you," @br0k3nHalo told BuzzFeed News.

We seriously do not deserve our northern neighbors.

"And you shouldn't, because different opinions in the world is what leads to change."

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