This Kid Shamed His Mom For Falling Asleep Every Time She Asks For A Snack

We feel for both parties involved.

This is Nick Avallone, a 20-year-old student from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and his mother, Eleanor. "She's a saint," Nick told BuzzFeed News.

Nick Avallone

But while he was home for the summer, Eleanor developed a bit of a nightly...routine. She'd ask Nick to bring her a snack, but when he'd get up to her room, she'd have almost always fallen asleep.

Nick found it both pretty endearing and ridiculous, so he decided to take pictures and "mom-shame" her.

His mom fell asleep "consistently enough that I had to make a post," said Nick.

He made a sign and posted it to his Tumblr and Instagram.

"I adore my mom beyond words but I have to mom-shame her for always doing this to me," he wrote.

Apparently his mom's favorite nightly snack to request is popcorn.

Nick told BuzzFeed News when he informed his mom that she always falls asleep, she laughed and said, "I know, I know."

And he eventually told her he shared it online and showed her the photos.

"I thought it was funny and that it would make other people laugh," he said.

People online have been laughing at and identifying with his post — moms copping to doing this to their kids too, and kids being reminded of their own moms.

Nick said Eleanor has a really good attitude about it all. "She thought it was funny," he said.

Nick Avallone

Nick's going back to school in the fall, so he's off of snack-fetching duties for now.