This Security Footage Of A Scared Dog Going Back For His Toy Is The Cutest Shit I’ve Ever Seen

But Lucky would definitely be the first to die in a horror flick, just saying.

This is 16-year-old Michael Mijares and that's his 3-year-old Yorkie named Lucky. They live in Houston. Apparently neither of them like frogs, or "anything that moves" in the shadows, Mijares said.

Over the weekend, Mijares and his girlfriend, Leila, were looking around their patio at night to find a table they could set up a Wii on. (Lucky also helped — OK, Lucky was there.) Mijares said he spotted a frog and freaked out, scaring both Leila and Lucky.

"That's when all of us ran inside and so did my dog," Mijares said. "And at the moment we just left it like that. But then we realized we had gotten it all on camera."

Just a day prior, Mijares said his parents had a camera installed to secure their house, so the moment was all caught on tape.

When he and Leila watched the footage back — mostly to laugh at themselves — they noticed something that happened seconds afterward. Lucky went back to retrieve/save his favorite toy.


"At first we didn't even notice that my dog was with us but once we went back to watch how Leila and I got scared, that's when we noticed my dog," Mijares explained. "We laughed for about 20 minutes."

The security footage that he shared on Twitter has gone viral.

This was the toy Lucky risked his life to go back for. It's his favorite toy. "He loves his toys!" Mijares said.

The simple 19-second clip had people weeping for all sorts of reasons. "What a brave trooper," someone wrote, before someone else added, "What a good boy."

@ChillBill42 @OGMike69 @amilyfive What a good boy

"A real American hero."

@juliannewelder @OGMike69 @amilyfive A real American hero

"No man or stuffed animal left behind."

@lexcvi @OGMike69 no man or stuffed animal left behind 😂👌

Lucky showed his true character on this one, but he'd also be the first one gone in a scary movie.

first to die in a too bud

Mijares said he and Leila still watch that security footage back, and crack up every time. "It's still funny now," he said.

What did we ever do to deserve a dog's loyalty? 😭 Lucky, you're a real one.

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