Logan Paul Fans Freaked Out Over Rumors That The YouTuber Is Appearing On "Ellen" But They're Not True

Fans of Logan Paul, who call themselves the "Logang," lost it over Paul's rumored appearances, and return to YouTube, over the weekend.

Fans of Logan Paul have been freaking out over rumors he will make a big comeback with appearances on "Ellen" and "Dr. Phil," but representatives for both shows told BuzzFeed News he is not scheduled to be on either.

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The rumors began after a video from DramaAlert, a YouTube channel hosted by a man who is known as Keemstar. Keemstar makes videos about the latest in the chaotic realm of internet celebrity.

In a video on Friday, Keemstar said another vlogger, Mike Majlak, was filming in Logan Paul's home and filmed footage of a whiteboard titled "Action Plan."

"If you look closely on the whiteboard you can clearly see on Wednesday, it says gradually return to YouTube," Keemstar says.

The footage again cuts to the whiteboard as he says: "Apparently he's gonna be on the Ellen Show." Keemstar also said it was rumored Paul was going to appear on Dr. Phil.

Paul's camp did not return BuzzFeed News' request for comment about his return and his possible appearance on these shows. YouTube, similarly, did not respond to a request for comment.

The "Logangsters," were alerted to the Keemstar video and began to lose it.

Btw for all the Logangsters logan is coming back on Wednesday and also going to be on Ellen. If you don’t believe m… https://t.co/tfTOD3rpVN

An account called "Logang For Life," uploaded the clip from the vlog and people were insanely excited.

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"At last he's coming back," one person commented on the YouTube video. "#LOGANG4LIFE," another person responded.

"Logasm <3," someone else said.

"Proof," someone said.

Logan Paul will return next week around Thurs/Fri on the Ellen Show to match YouTube peak times for trending tab. P… https://t.co/BxFaigrgP8

Pretty excited!


Someone else was like...

So Logan is coming back next week and he is going to be on Ellen show.

But sorry Logang, neither appearance is happening, at least at this point. Representative Melissa Little Padgitt of "Ellen" told BuzzFeed News in a statement that Logan Paul is not booked to be a guest.

Jerry J. Sharell, Executive Director of Communications on Dr. Phil, told BuzzFeed News "this is not true" about a possible Paul appearance.

BuzzFeed News followed up to ask if there are current, ongoing discussions

Still, as of Sunday morning, fans and internet sleuths are flooding Ellen's mentions and creating new, fake information surrounding the rumor. One fan page went so far as to broadcast a time for Paul's "appearance" on the show.

MAKE SURE TO TUNE IN AT 7:40 ON ELLEN ON WEDNESDAY!!!! LOGAN WILL MAKE AN APPEARANCE!! #saveloganpaul #savelogang… https://t.co/KomfCtfUyL

Those not in the "Logang" were @-ing "Ellen" and spamming their mentions—taking issue with what they think is Paul's upcoming appearance.

@TheEllenShow really ellen? really? i'd expect this off logan paul but not you

Sorry, Logang, looks like his return will have to be recalculated. And everyone else, stop freaking out!

I swear to God if Logan Paul on Ellen turns out to be true, I will never watch her show again. He doesn’t deserve a… https://t.co/SEIjRLhgqD

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