"Let's Talk About Race" Became Its Own Hilarious Meme During The Debate

"Let's talk about race" [throws body out window].

The presidential debate on Monday covered a lot of expected topics and ground (job security, the environment, that goddamned tax return). And then it was time to address racial tensions in America.

That's when moderator Lester Holt made the transition with this quote.

Lester Holt: Let's talk about race. How do you heal the divide in America? ... You have two minutes. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🙃

And you could hear the country collectively hold their breaths, clutch their pearls, and/or release a low, deep, helpless groan.

Lester Holt: "Let's talk about race" Me:

Lester: Let's talk about race. Everybody:

“Let’s talk about race” #debatenight

People either, at that point, were bracing themselves for the worst...

#debatenight "let's talk about race" Trump:

Lester Holt; Let's talk about race Me;

Or were feeling intense second-hand anxiety for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

"Let's talk about race" #debatenight

A lot of people wanted to advise them to just ABANDON SHIP.

Lester Holt: Let's talk about race Me:

Meanwhile, people who have been ready to "talk about race," were ready.

And the rest of us were just here for the show.

Lester: Let's talk about race. Me: #debatenight

Some people also weren't too impressed with Trump's answer.

#debatenight hillary: let's talk about race trump:

But, at a great meme came out of it.

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