A Fake News Site Has Been Using Rappers' Mug Shots On Unrelated Stories And People Are Trolling

Y'all are actually going to make DMX lose his mind.

Breitbart Insider, a fake, parody news site of Breitbart, published a story in late February claiming a Somali immigrant was arrested on six counts of sexual battery before he was "finally [...] deported under Trump’s Border Enforcement."

Another problem: Breitbart Insider ran the story with the mug shots of rapper DMX.

And anonymous commenters on the site are trolling hard.

They're throwing around DMX lyrics and general, growly DMX-isms.

And reworking DMX tracks for our current political climate.

Stop. (This is not a Somali migrant) Drop. (This is DMX) Shut 'em down, open up shop (Written by a fake Breitba… https://t.co/6s9U26SZXW

According to CrowdTangle, the story currently has over 57,000 Facebook engagements, and has been shared widely across social platforms. Many people were duped and believed it was run on the hard-right news site Breitbart.

Holy shit. I had no idea DMX was a Somali migrant. Thanks, Breitbart.

Dear Mainstream Media: Do Better, Be Brave! As Breitbart racists can't tell DMX from Somalia-Phobia #FakeNews is th… https://t.co/LuyL5Lbm7F

Fellow rapper Immortal Technique couldn't even believe it. "Is it April 1st," he tweeted.

Breitbart Insider seems unfazed and has been doubling down. In a story about a "Moslem teenager" on Wednesday, they published the story with rapper Tyga's mug shot.


And in what appears to be the only photo correctly identifying a rapper, it falsely alleged rapper Rick Ross was linked to ISIS and was arrested for plotting to kill President Trump.

This is all to say this particular fake, satirical site has found its ...niche. But please leave DMX alone.