As Obama And Biden Officially Leave Office, Here Are Their Very Last Presidential Memes

Biden: "I switched the oaths." Obama: "You what?" Biden: "It's in Russian."

During Barack Obama and Joe Biden's last months and moments in office, the former POTUS and veep's friendship and partnership have become a huge meme.

Obama: Trump is our next President. Biden:

Obama: Wave at the people, Joe. Biden: IMMA POINT AT'EM Obama: Please just wave. Biden:

Even the moment when Obama surprised Biden with a Medal of Freedom has been turned into a beautifully pure meme.

Biden: not Slytherin ... not Slytherin Obama: Joe, this isn't-- Biden: ... not Slytherin ... Obama: yo…

So, as the two officially stepped out of the White House, of course the internet commemorated the event.

Joe: “We can push both of them over the edge” Obama: “Joe…” Biden: “K, I’m gonna do it..” #Inauguration

"I switched the oaths..."

Biden: "I switched the oaths" Obama: "You what?" Biden: ... Obama: ... Biden: "It's in Russian"

"I'll drop that mf."

Obama: Alright Joe, this is it... Biden: Donald better not get in my face... Obama: Joe... Biden: i'll drop that mf…

"What if we just don't leave, they can't make us."

Biden: What if we just don't leave, they can't make us Obama: Joe we can't just- Biden: Call me Rosa Parks cause…

"Nah, fk that."

Biden- "He stared you down when you left" Obama- "Joe relax sit down" Biden- "Nah, Fk that"

Trump: "In 8 years we will look back..." Biden "Did he just say 8?" Obama: "Joe sit down..." Biden: "nah fuck that"


Biden: So this is it Obama: Yep Biden: Are you sure we can't just hide in the basement Obama: Joe #InaugurationDay


Obama: "Come on, buddy. Time to go." Joe: "I locked all the doors and gave him the wrong keys." Obama "Joe..." Joe…

"You smell that?"

Biden: You smell that? Obama: Joe ... shh.. Biden: First day as president and he's already shittin his pants.

"Guess what?"

Biden: guess what ? Obama: what Joe Biden: it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got shit to do.

"I guess this is goodbye."

OBAMA: I guess this is goodbye. Shake my hand, Joe. BIDEN: IMMA HUG YOU OBAMA: Just shake my hand- BIDEN:

"Thanks Obama."

Obama: Joe. Biden: Thanks Obama. #ThankYouObama