19 Kids Who Are Already Doing Halloween Better Than You'll Ever Do

Dang, kids are mad relevant in 2016.

You think you've seen some inspired and creative costumes already, but kids and babies are low-key showing everyone up this Halloween.

1. Like, this baby cuz who went as the neighborhood elote guy.

My baby cousin was the elote man for halloween 😩🌽❤️

2. And this little man who paid homage to a fallen icon.

I don't care. I don't need to see another Halloween costume. THIS IS THE WINNER FOREVER.

3. Someone's nephew went as a weatherman reporting from the eye of the storm.

My nephew is being a very dedicated weatherman for Halloween. He's pretty awesome.

4. And someone else's little sister perfectly played the role of a cozy Starbucks drink.

My little sister is a Starbucks latte for halloween ❤️️😭

5. This is the cutest Lilo I've ever seen, tbh.

I think my niece wins best costume 😍 lilo & stitch #halloweekend

6. And the most creative one-person, miniature Hall & Oates.

Holy holy holy shit. Best Halloween costume of all time. No close second

7. Look at this baby Jon Snow and that tiny floof as his Ghost 😭.

Dressed my baby as JonSnow for Halloween and used my aunts dog as Ghost

"We are HUGE Game Of Thrones fans in our home," the mom explained to BuzzFeed News. "My aunt happened to have the dog so it went perfect!"

8. And the kid who made us melt and cry with his special Gord Downie/Tragically Hip tribute.

This kid just won Canadian Halloween 2016.

9. This 2-year-old who naturally had "similar expressions" as Eleven from Stranger Things which made the costume "perfect," his mom told BuzzFeed News.

@milliebbrown @jordanbibb_ got my kids Halloween costume all done too 😆😆😆 #StrangerThings

"He watched nearly every episode with me," she added.

10. This simple and creative idea that probably none of you adult-sized humans thought to do.

This kids Halloween costume puts your kids Halloween costume to shame.

11. An 8-year-old boy decided to go as Hillary Clinton.

12. And a 10-year-old went as Donald Trump's hair.

This kid dressed as Trump's hair is the best costume of the year. Everyone go home now.

13. This 2-year-old little girl from Taiwan chose No-Face from Spirited Away. Of all things.

“She managed to scare her classmates and one cried,” her mom told BuzzFeed News. “Her wish came true, so she’s very happy.”

14. And this girl is de👏-li👏-ver👏-ing Alyssa Edwards.

I have never felt as inspired to have kids as I do looking at this child in an Alyssa Edwards Halloween costume

15. Have you seen a cuter MJ? I mean, sure, there've been a few mini MJs in recent times, but look at this kid's power Michael stance.

16. People are bowing down to this girl's Beyoncé.

17. “She was beyond excited, and danced and sang all the songs, which she knows by heart,” the 5-year-old's mom told BuzzFeed News.

18. This kid killed it back-to-back.

My baby cousin was Bob Ross for Halloween one day, than Nacho Libre the next ... GET ON THIS KIDS LEVEL OMG

19. And finally, the most scarily accurate costume goes to this girl, who dressed up as a parent this Halloween.

This little girl dressed up as a mom for Halloween. Look at the dark eye circles & spit up on the hoodie. I'm cryin… https://t.co/tHxp1RcPul

Shout out to parents tonight for real, though.

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