People Are Going Nuts Over This "Ugly Cat" After Her Owner Shared Hilariously Warped Pics


Folks online are dying over these photos 13-year-old Gillian Breanna from Mobile, Alabama, shared of her cat Buddy on Monday. "My cat is so ugly," Gillian captioned the tweet.

People agreed — nervously. The photos of Buddy were met with a lot of "...oh" reactions.

not to be mean but i never wanna see this again

Oh non :(

And pretty blatant "no thank yous."

@Deschamps_Adele @somenuggets what the fuck is that

Wow you are not lying that just might be the ugliest mf cat I have ever seen

@watrprks @videonery u sure thats even a cat lmao

And many, many comments about who and what Buddy looks like. "Squidward's house," for example.

This cat looks like squidwards house

"Ross Geller."

why does this cat look like ross geller

"A white man named Steve."

why your cat look like a white man named steve

"Kylo Ren from Star Wars."

This cat looks like fucking Kylo Ren from Star Wars

"Left Brain from Odd Future."


Left Brain got tagged and compared to Buddy so much by his friends, he even tweeted about it.

people sayin i look like this cat on the web right now, lol the world crazy

Someone actually printed the photo of Buddy out and taped it to their wall.

@watrprks I love waking up to this every morning

And the photos were being used as DIY Snapchat filters.

And banners.

Gillian's tweet even had other cat owners hilariously and sadly relating to it, calling out their cats.

And other, smugger owners proudly claiming they "can't relate."

But unfortunately — or fortunately, for you Buddy! — Gillian told BuzzFeed News she actually used a photo-warping filter when she took the photos. "I thought it would be funny," she explained, and then shared a photo of what Buddy looks like normally.

While Gillian is "shocked" by how viral her tweet became, she does want to make it clear that she wasn't trying to be mean about Buddy — "I love her very much," she said.

Please don't be mean to ur cat

The warped photos of Buddy drew a lot of love and support from people too — many of whom still thought she was "beautiful."

@watrprks ur cat is cute dont call it ugly

He's great and I love him

Because, c'mon, we can all relate to Buddy's misfortune with that one truly unflattering photo everyone has had taken.

"Snapchat vs. Instagram"

"When you open your phone to the front-facing camera"

"Me when I wake up vs. one hour in the bathroom"

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