This Random Dr. Phil Clip Was Turned Into A Very Versatile Meme Called "Howbow Dah"

"Save the bees howbow dah."

Late last year, a Dr. Phil episode went viral after the show featured a rebellious 13-year-old. The teen had an accent that a lot of folks — Dr. Phil included — couldn't easily decipher. The episode debuted in mid-September and the YouTube clip amassed over 10 million views.

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The segment focused on the tumultuous relationship between a mother and her "out-of-control" teen daughter.

At the top of the episode, Dr. Phil asked the daughter, "You have an accent of some sort?"

"From the streets," she replied.

People who watched the clip laughed about her unique "from the streets" accent, but it was really one sound bite that caught on. The 13-year-old responded to the studio audience by saying, "Catch me outside, how about that?"

This is literally my favorite video ever

And somehow — randomly, and gloriously — in 2017, it's become a meme. The infamous line has been transcribed as "cash me outside, how about dat?"

You can cash me outside how about dat ?

But it's quickly evolved (or devolved) into "cash me ousside, howbow dah."

The "howbow dah" part has hit a special poetic nerve with people. The jokes quickly started rolling in.

Roses are red Your eyes gon be black If you cash me outside Howbow dah


"Howbow dah" was soon co-opted into everyday language.

Stop telling people we "used to talk". Don't claim me period. Howbow dah

Give me constant love and attention howbow dah

But then, in a subtle shift, the meme became much more pure. People used it to express sincere thoughts — especially in relationships and loyalty.

Support me mentally, physically and emotionally howbow dah

"Save the bees howbow dah." 💀

Basically, "howbow dah" can be extremely versatile and malleable.

let me pass these semester exams howbow dah

And it proves, as far as interneting, that we're off to a strong 2017 start. Well howbow dah.

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