People Are Cracking Up Over A Mom Who Ordered Her Son This "Minion" Cake

Isaac looks thrilled to have his not-Minion cake on his birthday.

This is 18-year-old Isaac Banda, and his mom, Melissa. Isaac celebrated a birthday recently, and asked his mom for a seemingly simple request: a Minion cake.

Isaac, being an unabashedly big fan of the Minions, texted his mom to ask for "a cake with a Minion on it."

On Isaac's birthday, this is what showed up as his party.

He said he and everyone at his birthday celebration were laughing over the mishap. So he shared it on Twitter, where a bunch of other people started cracking up, too.

Told my mom hook it up with a minion cake 😂

@Isaac_Bandababy I'm actually crying rn 😂

@Isaac_Bandababy @allyIKEd BRO IM DEAD

"You look so disappointed," someone commented on Isaac's facial expression to his not-Minion cake.

@Isaac_Bandababy @ryantylerl_ you look soooo disappointed haha

@Isaac_Bandababy @Joe_robles83 this is not real 😂😂💀

Some people joked that his mom did this on purpose, but Isaac said his mom had totally confused the two cartoon characters "because they're both yellow."

The disrespect 😭😭 don't fuck with minion lovers

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