The iPhone Will Soon Allow You To Screen Record And People Are Both Excited And Scared

"This is taking dragging culture to a whole new level. Tea and receipts have been upgraded."

On Monday, Apple announced a laundry list of cool and nifty updates and features to the iPhone. But perhaps the coolest, niftiest, and most adapting feature is the fact that iOS 11 will allow you to screen record your phone. (!!!!)

Faiz Shakir / Apple

This means you can easily record videos playing on your phone (convenient!), as well as any and all of your activities on your phone (cool!...Wait, no...oh f*ck).

So you can screen record on iOS 11 💀

New York resident Faiz, 20, whose tweet and video showing this function has gone viral, told BuzzFeed News he was excited to try it out as soon as he learned about it. "I was shocked because you could be recorded while on FaceTime or Snapchat without your knowing," he said.

Faix Shakir

"I think there’s multiple benefits," Faiz said. "It’d be easier to show people who may need help with their phone exactly how to do something, i.e. my grandparents always ask me for help with their iPhone and now I can send a how to video via iMessage."

Note: Shakir was able to upgrade to iOS 11 with a beta version, as he's part of a developer program with Apple. The upgrade will not roll out to the public until the fall.

That's all great and advantageous. But Faiz's video and tweet have also unlocked a lot of other, um, benefits that have left people both shooketh and scared.

@fvizs Me waiting on all the relationships this will destroy and fights it will incite...

@fvizs People who send nudes on Snapchat are shaking

This will be "a whole new level of screenshotted receipts," as a lot of folks have noted.

this a whole new level of screenshotted receipts 😭😭😭😭😭 bout to expose all the snap dm's

This brings a whole new meaning to " I have the receipts"

oh no mama... this taking dragging culture to a whole new level. tea and receipts have been upgraded

"This is the beginning of the end," added someone who seems to be pretty existential about it.

this is the beginning of the end Receipts have upgraded from paper to video. I repeat...NO ONE IS SAFE.

People suspect their friends and family will now record FaceTime calls, which can be great for capturing memories forever. Or...well, you use your imaginations.

People gonna be recording FaceTime calls now 😭

However, Faiz told BuzzFeed News that, based on his own testing of the function, he was unable to successfully screen record a FaceTime call with a friend.

Sorry I will no longer be answering facetime calls due to this inconsiderate update.

We've officially entered Black Mirror society, some say.

Y'all remember that Black Mirror episode where everyone had the ability to playback RECEIPTS? Lord. 😂

America becomes an episode of Black Mirror everyday

While there are those who are genuinely optimistic and excited for what this feature can bring...

I will 100% enjoy this feature

Whoa this is such a good news! appears there are way more people who are treading very, very carefully.

I'm not down with this at all

Its game over for everyone

"Mess." Yup, that sounds about right.



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